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American Psycho fans all agree on who should play Patrick Bateman as remake is 'in the works'

American Psycho fans all agree on who should play Patrick Bateman as remake is 'in the works'

If there's gonna be a remake, then there's a clear favourite

With rumours swirling around that Lionsgate are thinking of remaking American Psycho in a modern day rendition, fans have thought about who could possibly take on the role of Patrick Bateman.

At least that's what film critic Jeff Sneider claims, writing on social media that he had an exclusive scoop about a 'new, modern day American Psycho movie' that's in the pipeline and ideas about a more modern Bateman would be welcome.

The suggestion of an American Psycho remake didn't go down too well, as in the eyes of many, the 2000 movie based off the 1991 book by Bret Easton Ellis basically covered everything.

Since its release more than two decades ago, the movie - starring Christian Bale - has grown a cult following and has provided valuable materials for meme makers, as everybody knows the truly definitive version of the business card scene is the edit where they're comparing Pokémon cards.

For many fans of the original movie there's no need to revisit it or try and remake it because the version we got was basically perfect.

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.
Lionsgate Films

American Psycho fans said the movie was 'perfect the way it is' and that the first step on a potential planned remake by Lionsgate was: "Don't."

However, if there is to be such a film, then there is at least agreement among the viewers as to who ought to play Bateman.

Responding to the rumours of an American Psycho remake, one fan shared a picture of Glenn Howerton and said: "Let him cook."

Howerton's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-star Rob McElhenney responded to the suggestion by saying: "Cook? LET HIM FEAST."

Let him feast as though he just got a reservation at Dorsia.

In the show, he plays sociopathic pub owner Dennis Reynolds, so he's got previous experience for these sorts of performances and Always Sunny fans think he'd be a good pick.

"We don't need this but if there's anyone who could pull this off it's Glenn Howerton," one fan mused, while another agreed that he was 'the only actor they could cast in it that would get my interest'.

Others said they thought Howerton could do a good American Psycho-esque role but urged studios to 'actually do something new for once'.

However, not everyone was such a fan as some thought that Howerton was 'too old for the role', and at 47 he is only three years younger than 50-year-old Christian Bale.

He could do it.

In 2016, American Psycho author Ellis reflected on where Patrick Bateman would be now.

In the book and the movie he's a New York City investment banker, but Ellis suggested Bateman 'would have been the founder of a number of dotcoms' if it had been set in the 90s while a more modern version would have seen him in Silicon Valley and 'palling around with Zuckerberg'.

Sounds about right.

Featured Image Credit: Lionsgate

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