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Viral poster has fans thinking a Breaking Bad movie is on the way

Viral poster has fans thinking a Breaking Bad movie is on the way

I wouldn't get your hopes, however

A viral poster has tricked fans on Facebook into thinking that a Heisenberg focused Breaking Bad film is on the way.

With El Camino on Netflix covering the story of Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman after the show's end and Better Call Saul following the tale of slimy lawyer Saul Goodman, it makes sense that at some point, the Breaking Bad creators would possibly make a Walter White film—even despite where the show ended.

So are they actually making a Heisenberg film?

Sorry to break the news, but as of right now the viral poster isn't real – as the poster claims that the Heisenberg film will release in August 2024, currently nothing has been announced in the Breaking Bad universe since Better Caul Saul.

However, the idea of returning to the world of Breaking Bad in the future hasn’t been entirely ruled out.

Back in 2022, Vince Gilligan, creator of the show, said to Deadline: “You can’t keep putting all your money on red 21.

The viral fan poster has been making the rounds on Facebook.

"I feel like we probably pushed it doing a spinoff to Breaking Bad [but] I could not be more happy with the results.

“Then I did El Camino and I’m very proud of that too.

“But I think I’m starting to sense you’ve got to know when to leave the party, you don’t want to be the guy with a lampshade on your head.

“I don’t have any plans right now to do anything more in this universe. I know I probably gave the same answer at the end of Breaking Bad.

“I gotta prove to myself that I got something else in me. I’m not a one trick pony, that’s what I’m hoping."

Aaron Paul in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Story.

Bryan Cranston has returned as the character a few times since hanging up the iconic hat – appearing as Heisenberg in both multiple commercials and a small part in spin-off Better Call Saul.

Producer Peter Gould has also previously commented on the potential for a return to a story set in the world of Breaking Bad.

Last year, he told the Los Angeles Times: “Vince and I both decided it would be good to give the Gilliverse a little bit of a rest.

“But we had a big board with ideas or scenes we were interested in or would be fun — and there were a lot of them still on that board when we finished up the show.

Bryan Cranston as Heisenberg.

“Maybe that’s a good thing, though. You want to leave something you didn’t get to."

"I’ve always kept these [Breaking Bad] pillars in my head, as much as I’ve wanted so much as an actor to explore Gus’s previous life — Gus’ life in Chile, all these things. There is a yearning inside me, and I keep coming back to the 'Rise of Gus.'

"It fits the puzzle, and we could see where he had come from and maybe explore more of who he really is underneath the mask."

Whether it be a Gustavo Fring origin, a Heisenberg movie, or even just a show about Huell, we’d all be excited for a return to Breaking Bad.

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