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Aaron Paul couldn't help becoming emotional while reading the end of Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul couldn't help becoming emotional while reading the end of Breaking Bad

Despite playing a hardened drug dealer, Aaron Paul struggled to keep the tears back as he read the conclusion of Breaking Bad.

It’s been nearly a decade since Breaking Bad came to an end and most fans are still not over the shocking conclusion of the beloved AMC show.

In fact, a recently unearthed clip shows actor Aaron Paul becoming emotional as he and co-star Bryan Cranston read through the final scene.

Despite playing a hardened drug dealer, the actor struggles to keep the tears back as he learns about Jesse Pinkman’s fate.

In the short clip, the pair read aloud the final scene of Breaking Bad with the episode playing out beneath them. (Major spoilers ahead...obviously!)

During the tense altercation, we see Walter White (Cranston) and Jesse Pinkaman (Paul) meet for the last time amid a nation-wide manhunt for the disgraced science teacher.

Breaking Bad finished almost a decade ago, but fans are still in shock.
FlixPix / Alamy Stock Photo

Knowing that his cancer will soon kill him, Walt asks Jesse to do the unthinkable and passes him the gun.

The rest of the scene then plays out, with Cranston reading the stage directions with his iconic deep voice with Paul listening intently.

For a moment, there is an eerie pause as the Malcolm in The Middle actor learns of his character’s demise.

Staying true to his comic roots though, it’s not long before the 67-year-old tries to lighten the mood and jokes: “Guessing there won’t be a sequel.”

While the veteran actor teases his co-star, Paul tries not to tear up at what was often called one of the greatest TV conclusions of all time.

As he’s prompted by his co-star, he simply says: “I feel sad. It’s great, I mean it’s perfect.”

Much the final episode, fans have also been going wild over the clip which was uploaded to TikTok earlier this week.

The actor looked deflated as he read the final scene.
Tik Tok/@oaksplay

After quickly gaining over 456,000 views, many fans have been reacting in the comments and saying how amazing it was to watch the actors’ read-through.

One excitedly wrote: “Bryan Cranston has the most soothing and relaxing storytelling voice I have ever heard.”

Others quickly joined in, expressing how much they loved the ending to the AMC drama and thanked showrunner Vince Gilligan for the story.

Another added: "Perfect is exactly the right word. Vince is a masterful story teller and this show is the pinnacle of television storytelling.”

However, one or two noted that Cranston may have known that a spin-off was in the works as he teases Jesse’s survival.

They wrote: “Guess there won’t be a sequel… El - but Jesse stays alive hahaha almost let the movie slip before it began.”

Cranston's comment is especially interesting since the 2019 movie spinoff detailing what became of Jesse after the series final was called El Camino.

We think this is the perfect excuse to rewatch the series all over again.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/Oaksplay

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