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People think 'unknown' Danny Boyle space movie is one of Cillian Murphy's most underrated films

People think 'unknown' Danny Boyle space movie is one of Cillian Murphy's most underrated films

You've probably not seen this movie but Danny Boyle and Cillian Murphy is a good combination

Danny Boyle and Cillian Murphy proved themselves to be a dream team in zombie apocalypse movie 28 Days Later.

It's the only film of Cillian Murphy's that he watches back after he's done with it thanks to seeing it with his kids after people kept sending him clips of it during the pandemic.

On top of that we could see a reunion between actor and director as it sounds like plans for a sequel are trundling onwards.

However, the pair of them did work together on a lesser-known science fiction movie a few years after 28 Days Later and if you haven't seen it the film is worth checking out.

Cillian Murphy has to save Earth by blowing up the sun.
Searchlight Pictures

Released in 2007, the movie Sunshine stars Murphy as a physicist 50 years into the future where our sun is dying and Earth is freezing as a result.

A team of experts are planning to sort out the little hitch of all of humanity dying by delivering a bomb into the sun to get it going again as it ought to be.

Starring the likes of Chris Evans, Michelle Yeoh and Rose Byrne alongside Murphy, it might be surprising to hear that a star-studded cast and renowned director made a movie which is perhaps lesser known.

Sunshine got some pretty decent reviews but as far as the audience is concerned there wasn't much of one, as the film took less in cinemas than it had cost to make.

Watch the trailer:

Sunshine has a pretty nifty Rotten Tomatoes rating of 76 percent and among those who watched it approval levels are similar, so even if it wasn't a hit at the box office chances are you'll enjoy watching it.

Among those who've seen it the film has been called 'visually stunning' and 'mind blowing', so it sounds like audiences enjoyed what they saw of Sunshine.

Others said it was 'great' and well worth a watch, while others marvelled at how young much of the cast looked compared to nowadays.

The Danny Boyle movie puts Murphy through his paces, and he worked with Brian Cox to hone his character.
Searchlight Pictures

So many of the actors in Sunshine went on to have glittering careers at the very top of Hollywood.

Fortunately for anyone worrying about the movie's less than stellar performance at the box office it was eventually able to turn a profit in DVD sales and rentals.

Whether or not we see Murphy and Boyle working together in the near future, preferably with lots of zombies running around, it's worth checking out the other movie they collaborated on.

Featured Image Credit: Searchlight Pictures

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