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Dave Franco cast his real mum in scene where she watched him masturbate to picture of her

Dave Franco cast his real mum in scene where she watched him masturbate to picture of her

A bit awkward, no?

Dave Franco has admitted to really going above and beyond for the sake of his art - casting his real-life mum in a film scene where she watched him masturbate.

And not only that, in the film he's masturbating to a picture of her. Yikes.

The scene is toe-curling enough to watch without the knowledge that his actual mum is watching him bash the bishop.

Franco made the shock confession in an interview promoting 2014 film Neighbours alongside cast mates Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, where he explained what on Earth he was thinking.

Dave Franco cast his mum Betsy in a wild role.
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

He said: "I did a short film where my mom actually watches me masturbate. It was actually on her birthday too.

"The intentions were right. I was like 'I don't want some random woman behind me watching me masturbate. Let's get my real mom, yeah."

Erm, if you say so, Dave.

The gobsmackingly awkward scene is part of 2012 short film Would You, which sees two drunk friends playing classic party game Would You Rather? with calamitous and toe-curling results.

But one scene definitely takes the cake for the most cringe-inducing due to the interesting casting choice made by Franco.

Talia Tabin, who is best-known for her role in Parks and Recreation, asks Franco's character: "Would you rather watch while your dad f**** your mom doggy-style and they're both just staring into your soul, just staring into your eyes, or jerk off to a picture of your mom while she watches you?"

A shocked Franco responds "Who f***ing says that?" before ultimately picking the latter.

Dave Franco cast him own mum in a toe-curling masturbation scene for 2012 short film 'Would You.'
Funny or Die

We then watch with our toes curled as his character does his business while his horrified mother watches on telling him to 'Stop.'

Seconds feel like hours as he continues to beat his meat uncontrollably.

But, it's the fact that it's Franco real mum, Betsy Franco watching on in disgust as he masturbates to a picture of her, that really seals the deal with this one and makes it so uncomfortable to watch.

Franco later revealed that his mum said it was her 'best birthday ever,' but we honestly couldn't think of anything worse.

Clearly, neither could his castmates, with one quipping: "I thought you were the normal Franco."

And Zac Efron added: "I can't think of a scenario in which I'd rather not talk to my mom."

Anyway, let's just hope our drunken games of Would You Rather? stay strictly hypothetical.

Featured Image Credit: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic/Funny or Die

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