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Jennifer Aniston confirmed controversial scene of her having sex with someone in coma had to be deleted from film

Jennifer Aniston confirmed controversial scene of her having sex with someone in coma had to be deleted from film

Aniston said it was a 'terrifying thing to shoot'.

Jennifer Aniston has opened up about a 'horrific' sex scene which had to be cut from one of her films.

Many of you will remember 2011's Horrible Bosses - one of my favourite-ever comedy films - which starred the likes of Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day.

It followed the journey of three p***ed off employees who wanted to - quite literally - kill their horrible bosses.

I mean, not to justify their sinister plots, but their bosses were really horrible.

One of the bosses, played by Kevin Spacey, shot someone in cold blood, while Sudeikis' boss was a low-life drug addict (played by Colin Farrell) who was going to purposely exploit his father's business after he passed.

Now, the movie also had a 2014 sequel, cleverly called Horrible Bosses 2.

Aniston, who also stars in the first film, plays one of these awful people as she took on the role of dentist boss Julia Harris, making sexual advances towards Day's character.

Jennifer Aniston plays one of the horrible bosses.
Monica Schipper/FilmMagic via Getty

The Friends actor has since opened up about the scene in question during an appearance on Conan O'Brien, where she explained that her character was supposed to share a sex scene with Day's, only it 'was kind of not mutual' because he was literally unconscious.

She struggled to find the words to describe the scene, saying: "Charlie Day’s character is in a coma, and I exploit him whilst he was in a coma.

"So it was a sex scene that was sort of... they removed it. But I bet it will be in those DVD extras!"

Aniston went on to describe the scene as a 'terrifying thing to have to shoot' because she wasn't able to work off her co-star during the scene.

She said: "You usually have someone there to support [you] but he's just lying there in a coma... and I'm like front ways, this ways, that way... all by myself."

Aniston's character had sex with someone in a coma in a deleted scene.
New Line Cinema

In spite of Aniston's struggles during that particular scene, she told HuffPost she 'couldn't wait' to come back to the character after first playing her in the original Horrible Bosses.

"I couldn't wait. I think I was there - I was probably sitting on the lot in costume the year before just sort of panhandling going, 'Come on. Let's do another one.' I love it," she said.

Aniston said she was 'excited' to return to Julia's outrageous personality because 'you can go far with her and it's all fair game'.

"There's nothing that she will not do. Obviously," Aniston added.

But while Julia had no limits, Aniston has admitted there was 'one line' she couldn't say, though unfortunately for us she claimed she couldn't remember what it was.

Featured Image Credit: Monica Schipper/FilmMagic/New Line Cinema

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