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Kirsten Dunst admitted having to kiss 30-year-old Brad Pitt when she was 11 was ‘very weird’

Kirsten Dunst admitted having to kiss 30-year-old Brad Pitt when she was 11 was ‘very weird’

She starred alongside the actor in Interview with a Vampire in the 1990s

Kirsten Dunst has opened up about her ‘weird’ onscreen kiss with Interview with a Vampire co-star, Brad Pitt, when she was just 11-years-old and he was 30.

Dunst shot to stardom with her role in the 1994 gothic horror flick, based upon Anne Rice’s 1976 novel of the same name.

You can see a trailer here:

If you’ve not seen the flick, Interview with a Vampire centres on vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac (Pitt) telling the story of his eternal life to reporter Daniel Molloy (Christian Slater).

Dunst starred as Claudia - a young girl who was dying but was then given the ‘gift’ of everlasting life after Louis turned her into a vampire.

After she becomes a vampire, Louis becomes a mentor of sorts and Claudia goes on to become an educated and accomplished woman - on the inside, at least, outwardly, she’s still a child.

Being unable to age becomes a source of frustration for poor Claudia who is desperate to grow up.

In one scene, Claudia gives Louis a peck on the lips, something Dunst has admitted felt pretty strange at the time - particularly as she felt that the much-older star was like a ‘brother’ to her.

Kirsten Dunst with Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire.
Warner Bros

During an interview with Vanity Fair in 2021, Dunst, who is now 41, recalled having to bite an actor's neck who was sweating profusely, saying: “That was the worst thing I did, and also having obviously to kiss Brad Pitt at that point.

"I was a little girl and he was like a brother to me and it was very weird even though it was a peck. I was very not into it.”

Despite the weirdness of that scene, Dunst went on to say that she was otherwise happy with her time shooting the movie, revealing: "Other than that I was treated like a total princess on that set."

Dunst has admitted it felt ‘weird’ kissing her adult co-star.
Warner Bros

Dunst has previously opened up about the weirdness of the kiss, per Entertainment Tonight, with archive footage showing then 12-year-old Dunst revealing that she ‘hated it so much’.

Speaking at the time, Dunst said: “Brad was like my older brother on the set and it’s kinda like kissing your older brother. I don’t know. It was weird kissing an older guy. And I had to kiss him on the lips so it was gross.”

Dunst was widely praised for her role in the movie and was even nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

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