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People only just realising Miley Cyrus is in ‘emotional’ movie ‘masterpiece’ with incredible cast

People only just realising Miley Cyrus is in ‘emotional’ movie ‘masterpiece’ with incredible cast

The 2003 classic acted as Cyrus' second-ever credited acting role.

You may know Miley Cyrus as a Grammy award-winning musician, but her filmography is pretty solid too and fans are only just realising she makes an appearance in an 'emotional' and 'beautiful' Noughties classic.

Between releasing eight studio albums, three live records and four EPs, the 31-year-old has starred in a handful of movies and a fair few TV shows.

Of course, Miley Cyrus first catapulted to fame while portraying Miley Stewart in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana and later the spin-off movie.

Miley Cyrus rose to fame while starring in Hannah Montana.

Since then, she's also achieved voice credits on 2008’s Bolt, appeared as herself in Sex and the City 2 and famously starred as Ashley O in an episode of Black Mirror.

However, did you know landed her first acting role 23 years ago when she was known as Destiny Cyrus?

Between the years of 2001 and 2003, the Tennessee native appeared in three episodes of the Christian medical drama Doc.

She played Kylie alongside her father Billy Ray Cyrus, who portrayed protagonist Dr. Clint ‘Doc’ Cassidy - a Montana practitioner who swapped the Western state for the lights of New York City.

After starring as Kylie, Cyrus went on to cameo as Ruthie in Tim Burton’s Big Fish - a role a lot of viewers have seemingly erased from their minds.

If you’ve yet to come across Big Fish, then check out the trailer below:

Burton’s eighth directed feature is based on Daniel Wallace’s 1998 book Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions.

The story sees an elderly Edward Bloom (played by Albert Finney) being diagnosed with cancer, prompting his son William (Billy Crudup) to travel to his home in Alabama with his pregnant wife Joséphine.

On his deathbed, Edward begins to recount tall tales of his fantastical life to his family through flashbacks.

Younger versions of himself (Perry Walston and Ewan McGregor) are seen working in a circus, hunting for a witch's eye and later parachuting into a North Korean military show.

After hearing his father’s stories, Will begins to investigate and learns his father once rebuilt a town called Spectre with his friends from Calloway Circus.

Upon returning home, Will finds that his dad has had a stroke.

Miley Cyrus portrayed Ruthie in 2003's Big Fish film.
Sony Pictures Releasing

At Edward’s funeral, his son meets many of the wonderful people from his stories - forcing the idea that the fairytales may have had some truth to them after all.

During Big Fish, eight-year-old Cyrus makes a cameo appearance as a minor character called Ruthie.

Her role sees her expressing her distaste for Edward trying to get the witch’s eye, but accompanies him anyway as the only girl in the group.

Despite the flick coming out over 20 years ago, some viewers are just realising that Cyrus plays a small part in the movie.

One user of X, formerly known as Twitter, recently wrote: “Raise your hand if you completely forgot/didn't realize Miley Cyrus was in the movie Big Fish.”

A second said: “Just realized Miley Cyrus was in Big Fish.”

The singer's cameo proves there are no small roles when it comes to movies.
Sony Pictures Releasing

“Miley Cyrus cameo in Big Fish, wow, I really forgot,” commented another.

Elsewhere, others have been showering Burton’s 2003 film with praise, with one fan writing: “Tonight’s first watch film. Big Fish. Wow, that one pulls at the heartstrings. Beautiful film, really emotional, with some humorous scenes too. Great cast.”

Another viewer typed: “’An adventure as big as life itself.’ Big Fish is one of Tim Burton’s best, and most beautiful films he has ever made.

“The message and heart of this film will make you want to call your parents just to tell them how much you love them, and thank them for everything they have done for you over the years.”

They added that film fans should check out the movie and that they ‘highly recommend’ watching it.

A third commented: “Big Fish also kills me but at least I'm fine at the end of the film.”

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing

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