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Netflix's #1 movie has bloody Brad Pitt scene which will make you leap out your seat

Netflix's #1 movie has bloody Brad Pitt scene which will make you leap out your seat

Everybody seems to be watching it these days

The most popular movie on Netflix at the moment features a scene where Brad Pitt ends up getting rather bloody, and it's not for the faint of heart or infirm of stomach.

Most people who've seen the movie agree that the scenes involving Pitt are some of the standout moments, but unfortunately the A-lister is around for a good time, not a long time.

And he bows out in spectacular fashion.

In fact, one X user said of the scene: "I didn't see that one coming."

Another said: "I am not OK."

Brad Pitt has a cameo role in The Lost City.

The Lost City is a 2022 comedy adventure film staring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum as an adventure novel writer and the model who depicts her hero on the cover.

Things kick off when Bullock's writer Loretta Sage gets kidnapped by an evil billionaire played by Daniel Radcliffe, after he learns that she based her adventure books on real archaeology done by her deceased husband.

Tatum's character decides to try being a real hero instead of just posing as one and goes after her, recruiting CIA operative Jack Trainer along the way, and of course Jack is played by Brad Pitt.

If you're hoping to see a lot of Mr Pitt in the movie then maybe quash those expectations a tad, because shortly after his introduction Jack gets involved in a rather bloody scene.

Take a look:

Yup, just as he looks like he might play a bigger role in the movie, Jack gets his brains blown out and Tatum has to do the next chase sequence covered in his blood and brains.

It's not the first time Pitt has played a supporting character in an action movie only to be unceremoniously killed off before you think he'll become a major character.

Deadpool 2 fans will remember the three nanoseconds Pitt spend on screen as invisible superhero Vanisher, who only becomes visible when he's being electrocuted to death on some power lines.

The Lost City did decently at the box office and critics liked it enough that if you need a movie to enjoy or stick on in the background while you scroll on your phone, then it can do the job.

It must be doing something right to be the most popular film on Netflix right now.

Brad Pitt was in The Lost City for a good time, not for a long time.

You might think getting blown to bits on screen would be a guaranteed death for a movie character, but apparently not in The Lost City.

Any of you who watched this movie and stayed long enough through the credits will know that Pitt's character somehow survived.

Our protagonists meeting him at a meditation class where he says he survived by using another 10 percent of his brain.

Obviously that's cinematic nonsense, but this is a movie where an adventure novel author and her book cover model go on an actual expedition, so it seems like one of those films where you just go with it.

The Lost City is available to stream now on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures

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