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'Terrifying' movie based on tragic story of cave diver who suffered 'worst death imaginable' available to watch in UK

'Terrifying' movie based on tragic story of cave diver who suffered 'worst death imaginable' available to watch in UK

The man was trapped for 24 hours before he died stuck in the cave

Valentine’s Day might be all about watching rom-coms and emotional dramas, but for those after something a little more tense, there’s a ‘terrifying’ movie to get stuck into.

Available to watch in the UK, this film is based on the tragic true story of a cave diver who suffered the ‘worst death imaginable'.

In Utah, Nutty Putty Cave was once a popular spot for spelunking, but following the death of experienced spelunker John Edward Jones in 2009, it was sealed off with concrete.

Inspired by his story, the film was released back in 2016. Watch the trailer here:

The Last Descent was a relatively low-budget film but praised as ‘well done’ and ‘gripping’.

Directed by Isaac Halasima, it depicts Jones’ tragic death at Nutty Putty Cave with some viewers saying you feeling like ‘you are in the cave with him’. Yeah, it’s probably not for people looking for something sweet and romantic.

Featuring Chadwick Hopson and Alexis Johnson, it is not only inspired by the tragic incident at Nutty Putty ‘but by the way John lived his entire life’.

Jones became stuck upside down in a particularly dangerous part of the cave known as the ‘birth canal’ and was trapped there for 24 hours.

The movie came out in 2016.
Excel Entertainment Group

Tragically, each time the 26-year-old breathed, and his chest expanded, it further wedged him inside the tight space with no chance of escape.

His brother Josh was first to discover him trapped in the cave and after trying to help him, went to find help.

The Utah County Sheriff’s Office arrived with rescuers on hand to attempt to free Jones.

"It's very narrow, very awkward, and it's difficult to get rescuers down there," rescuer Shawn Roundy informed the media, adding that Jones was located in ‘absolutely the worst spot in the cave’.

John Edward Jones was trapped inside the Nutty Putty Cave in Utah.
Family handout

Despite the rescue attempts, the trainee doctor eventually stopped breathing and became unresponsive, with his body remaining in the cave over a decade on.

The indie film showcases the rescue crew trying to save Jones, before he leaves behind his pregnant wife and young daughter.

The Last Descent has a decent 73 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, with viewers warning ‘you’ll need tissues’.

Another called it ‘inspirational’ and ‘heartbreaking yet beautiful’. One also said: “Tragic, but uplifting, this is not the story you are expecting.”

However, others do say it’s ‘amateur’, ‘painfully cheesy’ and ‘has a scrappy feel’.

Others called it 'harrowing and claustrophobic' and warned the film isn't for everyone, especially since it's based on such a tragic true story.

One fan warned: "As you'd expect, this is not for anyone who has above average claustrophobia and it's tough enough anyhow.

"They soften the technical details of how he's stuck, but the point is clear.

"Knowing it's a true story and knowing the ending doesn't make it easier."

The Last Descent is available to watch on Prime Video.

Featured Image Credit: Excel Entertainment Group/Family Handout

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