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Conor McGregor suffered brutal injury filming Road House fight scene with Jake Gyllenhaal

Conor McGregor suffered brutal injury filming Road House fight scene with Jake Gyllenhaal

The former champ was left with a few battle scars from one particular fight scene

Conor McGregor has revealed that he suffered a pretty nasty injury while shooting his new movie.

The Notorious one made his move into Hollywood recently, starring in the upcoming action thriller Road House.

Check out the trailer:

A reboot of Patrick Swayze's 1989 film, it sees McGregor go up against Jake Gyllenhaal in a brutal fight over a beachside bar.

Now, you'd think, with the UFC legend's experience in the fight game, it would have been a breeze for him, right?

Well, while it might be a bit of make believe, the danger was just as real as any title bout he's had.

Speaking ahead of the film's release next week, McGregor revealed that he was left with a couple of battle scars from going at it with his co-star.

What are you looking at, ya rat?
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Comparing acting to his battles in the octagon, the 35-year-old admitted it was tough going, saying: "It was hard work, this was 18-hour days, and it's consecutive, day after day.

"And it's also real, you know, okay, you're fighting and there's a bit of script, but you're taking wallops, you're taking hits you know - I threw him over the bar about 20 times and he slammed the door in my head, I got a black eye and everything from the door - and the director said, 'No, no, it's not doesn't look real enough do it again'. I said, 'I've done it f**king 10 times, what are you talking about?!' But it was a great, really great experience."

But while he's not closed the door on Hollywood, McGregor says he's keen to get back to the day job with the UFC.

Conor McGregor got a few bumps and bruises filming Road House.
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"I'm looking forward to getting back... resetting and recalibrating, and mapping my return to the octagon," he said during the press conference.

"I'm eager for that. We're in the first quarter of 2024, there's still a big chunk of the year left.

"I've got two fights left on my contract, negotiations are ongoing, so when the promotion for the movie comes to an end, when the St Patrick's Day festivities come to an end, it's isolation, it's focus, and work towards a return to the octagon."

He added: "Maybe next year [go back to acting] never say never, because I had such a great time and met some friends for life."

Road House will be available to watch on Prime Video from 21 March.

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