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Scene from Bruce Almighty had to be deleted because it was too dark

Britt Jones

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Scene from Bruce Almighty had to be deleted because it was too dark

There has been a history in film where sometimes scenes need to be cut because of the sheer gross-ness involved, such as this loveable movie classic that involves an unlikely heavenly source.

A film created in 2003, showcased something horrific that, if left in, would have shocked and scared viewers so it didn’t make the final edit.

Did you guess it?

It was the fantastic Bruce Almighty that had a gory scene cut because filmmakers reckoned it made Jim Carrey's character look 'too mean'.



The flick saw Carrey's character Bruce Nolan, a TV reporter, gifted God's powers after complaining about his life to the big man upstairs… and boy did he regret it.

In one scene, Bruce decided to mess with a rival in the studio who seemingly makes all the right moves and is an absolute pro in the broadcasting world.

Taking control of his actions, Evan Baxter - played by Steve Carell - was set up for sheer humiliation on live TV.


Bruce ends up making him babble incoherently before then controlling the teleprompter to completely ruin the report and what was supposed to be read out.

However, that particular scene was initially a lot worse, with Evan having quite the experience than what we saw in the final version.

Jim Carrey played the loveable jokester trying to navigate life with Godly powers. Credit: Universal Pictures
Jim Carrey played the loveable jokester trying to navigate life with Godly powers. Credit: Universal Pictures

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show in 2020, Carell went on to reveal what happened, explaining: "That was basically the first time I was ever in a movie. The part they cut is when Jim Carrey makes my nose start to bleed profusely.


"They thought, 'too mean of him to do as a character' and then my head bursts into flames."

He continued: "It wasn't even a digital effect. It was a real, live practical effect.

"They ran a gas line down my back and they put a coil on top of my head.

"They put gel on my head so it wouldn't burn and they ignited this enormous four-foot flame.


"I'm sure it's in some DVD extra somewhere."

The clip has since circulated around Reddit with users shocked at how gruesome it actually was.

Truly terrifying. Credit: Universal Pictures
Truly terrifying. Credit: Universal Pictures

One wrote: "Yeah, I love dark humour, but given the context and overall vibe of the movie this was way out of place lol."


Another said: "Idk this seems more like something out of the Exorcist than Bruce Almighty."

While a third commented: "Good choice to cut it out. A little too dark… but funny as hell nonetheless."

But Carell was happy to do the scene as it was his first role, even though it was 'terrifying'.

He added: "You could hear them venting the gas line before it happened. And then I knew it was going to go full-blown torch.

"I can see the crew in front of me, they all lit up because the flame was so bright. Terrifying.

"It was my first movie. What was I gonna say, 'I'm not gonna do it'? 'Of course! Sure! Light me on fire! Sounds terrific!'"

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Featured Image Credit: Universal Pictures

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Britt Jones
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