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Horror movie labelled 'worse than human centipede' with high Rotten Tomatoes rating is available to watch in UK

Horror movie labelled 'worse than human centipede' with high Rotten Tomatoes rating is available to watch in UK

Film fans have put the 1975 horror flick up there with some of the most disturbing movies they have ever seen.

If you're looking to scare yourself sh*tless, looking up a list of films which are dubbed 'more disturbing that The Human Centipede' is a good place to start.

You might think watching a crazed surgeon live out his sickening fantasy of conjoining tourists together arse to mouth might be the lowest of the low, but movie buffs would say you are sadly mistaken.

Instead of trawling through the new horror's which have dropped recently that are chock-full of CGI, sometimes you get more of a fright by having a look through cinematic history to find the really unsettling flicks.

Ones which feature parasites that turn people into sex-crazed maniacs are also a good place to start.

That's exactly what happens in the 1975 nightmare-inducing movie, Shivers.

Take a look at this:

You'd be forgiven for thinking that the plot line sounds silly, even comical to a point - because most viewers say it leaves them considering celibacy and swerving high rise apartment buildings like the plague.

David Cronenberg's chilling classic, Shivers, is a twisted tale that also centres around a mad scientist's inhumane experiments, much like The Human Centipede.

Basically, Dr. Emil Hobbes wanted to create a parasite that was 'a combination of aphrodisiac and venereal disease that will, hopefully, turn the world into one beautiful mindless orgy'. It's a strange ambition, that's for sure.

Shivers is supposedly even more disturbing than The Human Centipede.
Cinépix Film Properties

As you can imagine, it's got some pretty violent, gory and X-rated scenes that will certainly scar your brain in Shivers.

But there's still some horror fans out there who reckon nothing can give them the heebie-jeebies, so they might want to read the film's official slogan to get the gist of just how weird it gets.

It reads: "If you think you’re not afraid of the dark… if you feel nothing can shock you… if you say you don’t scare easily… if you believe you’ve seen everything… then see Shivers."

Put it this way, the movie is so warped that the director ended up getting kicked out his apartment in Toronto, Canada, by his landlady who chucked him out for supposedly breaching a 'morality clause' in his lease.

Viewers should expect sex, gore and violence in the 1975 horror.
Cinépix Film Properties

To be fair, I wouldn't want to share a hallway with the bloke responsible for this kind of film either.

Cronenberg previously claimed: "I got kicked out of the apartment [we were filming in] by the old lady who owned the house, as the star Marilyn Chambers was also in porn and this woman, in her eighties, thought I was making pornographic films.

"But the sounds she thought she was hearing from my bathroom were me fixing the leaks in her tap!"

Yeah, we bet they were.

Shivers does have a decent Rotten Tomatoes rating of 85 per cent though and it's available to watch in the UK, so why not give it a whirl if you think your hard enough?

You can catch the one hour and 30 minute film on Amazon Prime, where you can buy or rent it for just a few quid.

Featured Image Credit: Cinépix Film Properties

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