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Panned horror film gets a near 10/10 rating from ordinary people

Panned horror film gets a near 10/10 rating from ordinary people

How often have you loved something that critics have said is rubbish?

A horror film that's currently available to stream on Amazon Prime was absolutely destroyed by critics, but average viewers have rated it nearly 10/10.

The film, which premiered last year, has been accused by critics of having 'no real scares and too much over-acting' and being 'a Christian and Conservative propaganda piece'. Doesn't sound like ideal Friday night viewing, to be honest.

On the flip side, one awestruck film fan called it 'the most powerful movie I've ever seen' and another said it was 'way better than expected'.

Someone even claimed it 'should be enough to convince people the devil is real'.

On Rotten Tomatoes, critics have rated it a measly 33 percent, while viewers gave it 96 percent - almost a perfect score.

Sean Patrick Flanery stars in the film.
Believe Entertainment

Folks certainly can't agree on Nefarious, a rather dark film based on Steve Deace's 2016 novel, A Nefarious Plot.

We meet a serial killer about to meet his maker on death row as he undergoes a psychological evaluation.

He informs the psychiatrist he is, in fact, a demon.

"Demons aren't really a thing," deadpans the psych.

Well, the serial killer/demon is keen to prove him wrong, and promises the psychiatrist he will commit three murders himself before the day is out. Yikes.

You can check out the trailer here:

The majority of the film focuses around the two main characters, filmed almost exclusively in a prison interview room.

It follows Sean Patrick Flanery as Edward Wayne Brady, the inmate facing execution, as he's cross-examined by Dr. James Martin, played by Jordan Belfi.

For critics, the 97 minute flick didn't really do much.

Jordan Belfi as Dr. James Martin.
Believe Entertainment

One said: "After kicking things off with a pretty solid fake out, the film settles into a repetitive rhythm that quickly becomes tiresome."

A second wrote: "If you like your demons on the preachy side, then you may enjoy [this movie]. The rest of us will find [it]... tedious, heavy-handed and indoctrinating."

And a third added: "Well-acted and with decent production values, this faith-based thriller unfortunately gets stuck in its two-person back-and-forth sermoning, making it all too obvious what the outcome will be."

But audiences disagreed with the opinions of these guys.

The prison interview room where most of the film is set.
Believe Entertainment

One viewer wrote: "Great movie. Kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time."

A second said: "Loved this movie, it had everything you would want in a psychological thriller. Kind of predictable at points but a great story overall."

A third added: "Great movie and great acting. While it did all take place on one room it was powerful and chilling. It was great."

Featured Image Credit: Believe Entertainment

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