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Fish And Rice Cake Guy Shows Off Dramatic Four-Month Weight Transformation

Fish And Rice Cake Guy Shows Off Dramatic Four-Month Weight Transformation

Danny Andrews went viral after revealing the details of his strict diet

Fish and rice cakes guy, otherwise known as Danny Andrews, has proven he's just as dedicated as ever as he showed off an impressive four-month transformation.

It's been 15 years since Andrews first rose to fame on BBC Three documentary Babyfaced Bodybuilders, but despite the fact he's gone on to appear on First Dates, open a barber shop and pretty much completely change his appearance, most people still know him only for one thing: his diet.

"Eight o'clock in the morning I'll have fish and a rice cake, at 10 o'clock I'll have fish, at 12 o'clock I'll have fish and a rice cake. At two o'clock, I'll have fish. At four o'clock – just before I train – I'll have fish and a rice cake..." The speech goes on, and it never gets old.

Andrews might have been mocked for his strict routine, but it's clear his ability to commit pays off with results.

In a post shared on Instagram today (7 June), the avid gym-goer displayed his weight transformation from February to June by showing himself posing in front of a mirror and tensing his toned muscles.

Andrews regularly keeps fans updated on his physique and workout routines, and in the midst of his most recent transformation told fans he had achieved '6 weeks of training hard and eating well'.

"Its [sic] first time in 8 years!! Had a blow out this weekend, so getting back to it, going to get even better," he said at the time.

Despite sharing the details of his efforts online, many viewers still jokingly put his success down to the wonders of fish and rice cakes, with one such comment reading: "The fish and a rice cake paid off."

In a bid to assure his fans that his transformation is not actually down to just fish and rice cakes, Andrews previously told LADbible that particular diet was 'only that for the last two weeks before [his] show'.

In fact, Andrews revealed he doesn't even like fish; he was just dedicated to his goal.

"Instead of saying I have eight meals of fish a day, and every other meal I have a rice cake, I was trying to work out times. So it makes me appear absolutely stupid, fitting the stereotype of the typical bodybuilder. At the time I was so embarrassed," he admitted.

Andrews assured he has since 'embraced' the joke, and now even plays into it by captioning some of his Instagram posts with the hashtag 'fishandaricecake'.

Featured Image Credit: BBC Three/Danny Andrews/Instagram

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