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Cat has hilarious reaction to seeing Sgt. Pspsps character in Call of Duty

Cat has hilarious reaction to seeing Sgt. Pspsps character in Call of Duty

The tabby couldn't believe its eyes when it saw the cat character on the TV.

Call of Duty has become a decently customisable video game that lets players operate the main character in the vision they see fit.

Two of those skins available in Modern Warfare II are Sgt. Pspsps and Sgt. Sprinkles.

They are adorable looking cats that come with loads of items like a 'Cat Scratch' Assault Rifle weapon blueprint, 'Fishbone Weapon Charm' and other feline-sounding extras.

While it is fun and hilarious seeing a cat dressed in military gear, it's a different story for an actual, real-life cat.

One gamer found this out when they were playing Call of Duty with their beloved Sgt. Pspsps while their tabby was sitting next to them.

You can see the cat looking intensely at the screen before turning to the camera operator with a puzzled look.

The video has gone viral on TikTok and has amassed more than two million views.

One person wrote: "This, this is the coolest video i watched all day, I love that cat already."

Another added: "Sergeant Meowington reporting for duty."

Sgt. Pspsps was fairly controversial when it dropped earlier this year as a playable character.

According to Charlie Intel, some gamers thought it was the best addition Call of Duty had made in years, whereas others thought it was stupid and out of place.

I mean, it's a cat on the battlefield.

However, the legendary game really upped the ante earlier this month when it revealed Nicki Minaj would be a playable character.

The legendary rapper is now available for Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare II and she comes with some pretty killer catchphrases.

According to GameSpot, the rapper yells things like 'Trust me, you want this bad bitch on your side', 'You can be the King but watch the Queen conquer' and 'You're dead, b***h!'

What's not to love?

She also comes with a personalised loading screen, a bubblegum pink vehicle skin and two weapon blueprints.

The Nicki Operator bundle will set you back 2,400 points in the store, which is equivalent to roughly $20.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/cjjonesssss

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