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Hogwarts Legacy players demand key change is made as fans are given game update

Hogwarts Legacy players demand key change is made as fans are given game update

Fans might be loving the game, but they want something else

It’s been just over a year now since Hogwarts Legacy launched, and fans have been absolutely loving it.

For anyone out there who doesn't know about the game (where have you been?), it’s an open world, action role-playing game where you to become a student at Hogwarts and take on a ‘dangerous journey to uncover a hidden truth of the wizarding world’.

Wandering the halls of Hogwarts and uncovering the legacy before the 'Boy Who Lived' came along, players get to explore the fantasy life in a whole new light.

But despite fans loving the game, with 24 million copies selling by the beginning of this year, it didn’t even earn a single nomination at The Game Awards 2023.

However, it seems that doesn’t really matter as a new game update shows just how much gamers have been enjoying it.

A post by Hogwarts Legacy’s official X account has confirmed that the Warner Bros Games release is the number one best-selling game of 2023 worldwide.

And since this update last week, players are demanding a key change to the game – especially as they wait on a sequel.

The game launched last year.
Warner Bros. Games

To be fair, it’s almost hard to believe the game doesn’t already have this feature.

A whole load of X users were quick to point out: “If y’all had multiplayer and quidditch Hogwarts Legacy would’ve been one of the largest games of all time.”

With plenty simply saying: “Quidditch when.”

One slammed: “Now add Quidditch!!!!!!!”




Another even wrote: “We made y’all rich. Now give us Hogwarts Legacy 2 with Quidditch and more RPG elements plz.”

Others reckon the game would be much better with it as they put: “Add Quidditch and Multiplayer please. I'm begging. This game has so much potential.”

One went as far to say: “It would have made game of the year with Quidditch and romance options.”

Players want changes to the game.
Warner Bros. Games

While the original game enjoys this mega success, millions are set to be unable to play Hogwarts Legacy 2.

It’s not known for sure when it will be released, but it’s predicted it could be as late as 2028.

And by that time, it’s pretty unlikely it would launch on last-gen consoles.

Although, there has been controversy around purchasing the game at all, particularly following Potter creator J.K. Rowling’s donations to challenge a Scottish ruling that men can become women.

Hogwarts Legacy is now available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC. Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games are yet to officially announce a sequel.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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