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Millions set to be unable to play Hogwarts Legacy 2

Millions set to be unable to play Hogwarts Legacy 2

Dreams of playing the sequel game could be over already

It’s bad news for millions of Harry Potter-loving gamers who are hoping to dive into Hogwarts Legacy 2.

The first game was released just over a year ago, with plenty of players still exploring the halls of Hogwarts before the Boy Who Lived came along.

An action role-playing game, you become a student enrolled at the famed school, living ‘the unwritten’ and going on a ‘dangerous journey to uncover a hidden truth of the wizarding world’.

With mixed reviews, Hogwarts Legacy faced a couple of issues during its development because it was held back by last-gen consoles.

But despite any problems and negative critique, its revenue reached a whopping $1billion (£793.05million) within three months, and by the beginning of this year had sold 24 million copies globally.

The game launched last year.
Warner Bros. Games

While recent reports suggest the next project Avalanche Software is working on is Hogwarts Legacy 2, it looks like there’s quite a way to go.

The first game wasn’t even released on Nintendo Switch until just a couple of months ago.

It’s pretty hard to pin down just when a sequel will actually come out, with GAMINGbible predicting it could launch as late as 2028.




That’s worked out by the fact the first game had a rough timeline of about five years; Hogwarts Legacy was officially unveiled in 2020 with development believed to have started in 2018.

And with such a long way to go until 2028 is here, it’s more than likely that the new game wouldn’t launch on last-gen consoles.

So, if that’s how it ends up working out, millions will be unable to play it.

There could be a way to go until there's a sequel.
Warner Bros. Games

Sony have already said that the PlayStation 5 is already in its ‘latter stages’.

And if you’re using even a PS4 or just your Xbox One, it’s probably worth coming to terms with the fact that by the time Hogwarts Legacy 2 is here, your consoles just not going to be able to handle it.

Users on X are already saying they ‘can’t wait’ for the second game and that they’re having to ‘learn patience’ while they’re waiting for it.

Others say Hogwarts Legacy is one of the ‘best videogames [they’ve] played in years’.

There is, however, an argument that Hogwarts Legacy 2 wouldn’t take quite as long as the first game now that the developers have a base to build it on.

But either way, these kind of open-world games take a pretty lengthy time to put together – and no one really wants it to be rushed and a be a bit, well, sh*t do they?

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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