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Gamers will be able to play as Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj in Call of Duty season five

Gamers will be able to play as Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj in Call of Duty season five

Fans have gone absolutely wild over the playable skins.

If you're sick of playing as a regular soldier in Call of Duty, do we have news for you.

The legendary gaming franchise has unveiled two new skins that you will be able to adopt in season five of Modern Warfare II and Warzone.

You will get the opportunity to play as either Snoop Dogg or Nicki Minaj.

The future is finally here.

The gaming franchise wrote: "He is ready for any operation, whether it’s going under Deep Cover or going in guns blazin’.

"Don’t make any bad decisions; the Snoop Dogg Operator Bundle will be here as part of Call of Duty’s celebration of 50 years of Hip Hop."

They also noted Nicki will be the 'first-ever self-named female Operator'.

Who knows if this is something that fans have been begging for for years or if it's a creative approach to get more people into gaming; either way it has sent shockwaves on the internet.

One person wrote: "Amazing! Top Tier Excellence. Everything we asked for! Barbz ready to shoot."

Another added: "We will be playing."

A third simple stated: "I'm still gagging a hour later."

Snoop and Nicki will be joined by fellow rapper 21 Savage as a playable skin.

Those who have been playing the franchise for a while will remember this isn't the Doggfather's first foray into Call of Duty.

He was included as a playable skin back in the Vanguard days, but he's making a big return now. notes that these skins will cost you money, so don't get too excited if you can't afford them.

However, the outlet said you will be able to use Snoop, Nicki and the potential 21 Savage skin in Modern Warfare 3 when it launches.

Season five of Modern Warfare II and Warzone will drop on August 2 and gamers will also get to enjoy new War Track packs.

These will be filled with hip hop to play while you're moving across one of the Warzone maps.

The upcoming addition will have 'new events, modes, and weapons on the horizon' as well, according to

Call of Duty said on its website: "From battle-tested classics to new favorites, Modern Warfare II’s map rotation is about to expand well past three-dozen locations combined across all modes with these Core and Gunfight additions: Punta Mar, Strike, Lounge, and Canal."

Get your guns up because this season looks epic.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Call of Duty

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