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Who is George Not Found? Age, TikTok and key facts

Who is George Not Found? Age, TikTok and key facts

A Minecraft Youtuber with over 10 million subscribers and well over a billion views.

It’s hard to believe that a man with over ten million subscribers, well over a billion views and three million Instagram followers isn’t one of the most known people in Britain isn’t it?

George Davidson, better known as GeorgeNotFound to his huge online audience, is reaching levels in his career that many people would only dream about in their entire lifetime. So who is this guy? And why are we only just hearing about him? Here’s everything we know about him…

George Not Found: Key Facts

  • Real Name: George Davidson 
  • Age: 25
  • DoB: 1/11/96
  • Nationality: British
  • Net Worth: $2.5 million 
  • Instagram Followers: 2.9 million
  • Twitter Followers: 3.7 million 
  • YouTube Subscribers: 10.2 million 
  • Twitch Followers: 4.8 million 

After reading the stats you might be wondering why you aren’t so familiar with this internet sensation, and the reason for that might be because you don’t watch or play Minecraft

The game was created in 2011 with engaging visuals, however unlike other users, George is unable to see many of the colours in the game. In April 2020, he announced to his millions that he has severe Protanopia, meaning he is unable to see red and green. 

Following this he created a hit video which currently has 42 million views, where he bought colour-blindness glasses which helped him to see the shades for the first time. 

Before his rise to internet fame, Davidson attended university where he graduated with a degree in computer science. He is now also part of an online group called the Dream Team including two other creators named Dream and Sapnap

It is clear George is making the most of his time in the spotlight and is currently selling hoodies, hats, shorts and a whole other range of merchandise on his online store.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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