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Gordon Ramsay hits back at people who slammed his burger for using a 'heart attack inducing' amount of butter

Gordon Ramsay hits back at people who slammed his burger for using a 'heart attack inducing' amount of butter

Gordon Ramsay shared his burger recipe on Instagram, but folks were quick to dish some criticism out over his butter usage

Gordon Ramsay has responded in typical fashion after he was roasted online for the amount of butter he used to make a burger.

Of course, Ramsay is no stranger to giving out his own roastings online, with him regularly posting some foul-mouthed and often genuinely horrified reviews of food that other people make and send to him.

However, while he's a professional chef himself, that doesn’t place him completely above scrutiny as he found out when he shared a video making a burger the other day.

Not just any burger, either.

It was incredibly expensive and supposedly flavourful wagyu beef being used on this occasion, along with some cheese, egg, lettuce, cucumber and chilli, an onion and a brioche bun.

Gordon Ramsay's 'butter burger' divided opinion online.

It sounds good, and – to be honest – the end result looked pretty damn tasty.

If he’d just have shared the finished product, it’s doubtful that anyone would have complained.

However, because he documented the cooking process, people noticed that he did use quite a bit of butter in the recipe.

Fans were quick to seize upon the opportunity to give some back to Gordon, with one commenting: “Think you forgot to add butter.”

Another asked: “Do we really need 5 kilos of butter?”

A third said: “Mate! Would you like some burger on that butter?”

“Just had a heart attack watching that”, said someone else, who might possibly have been overreacting a bit.

Some also said that the wagyu burger may have been overcooked.

While not everyone was so scathing about Gordon’s burger, most people were.

Well, the famous chef isn’t one to shy away from a bit of a verbal scrap, and now he’s responded.

He told Daily Mail Australia: “I'd like to take this moment to apologise for absolutely f**k all.”

Gordon went on to say that he’s been so busy with a currently project he’s been working on in Australian restaurant Aria to even see – let alone care – about the burger backlash.

“I'll start crying on the way home tonight on that flight,” he said.

His colleague in this Sydney-based project, Matt Moran, added: “Butter’s flavour.”

It certainly is, but how much is too much?

Still, you'd try it, right?

Shall we believe the trained celebrity chef, or a load of folks in Instagram?

Well, they’ve all got their own tastes and opinions, but you’d bet dollars to doughnuts that Ramsay has cooked more burgers successfully in his time, wouldn’t you?

The burger wasn’t even on the menu at the posh diner in Sydney that he’s been working at for a few days.

Still, it’s always nice to see Gordon get some thrown back at him, given that he seems to love dishing it out so much.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@gordongram

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