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Cast of Harry Potter asked how they're spending their first cheque in resurfaced video

Cast of Harry Potter asked how they're spending their first cheque in resurfaced video

The Harry Potter stars were asked how they were gonna spend their first pay cheque from the franchise

If you were the star of the biggest movie on the planet, what would you spend your first pay cheque on? A mansion in Beverly Hills, a sports car, maybe you'd go travelling?

This was the question put to Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson after it was announced they had been chosen to play Harry, Ron and Hermione in the Harry Potter franchise.

Cast your mind back all the way to the turn of the millennium. The Big Breakfast was the edgiest morning show on TV, the Gallaghers were still talking to one another, and everyone in the country was reading JK Rowling's series about the boy who lived.

It was a cultural phenomenon, and when it was announced that the books were being turned into a movie, the hysteria took on a whole new level.

The three young Harry Potter stars became household names overnight.
Warner Bros.

Well, as they say, the rest is history, with its three young stars becoming household names overnight, starring in eight movies and making an absolute fortune.

In their first press conference ahead of the release of the first chapter, The Philosopher's Stone, they were asked how they planned on using their newfound wealth.

In a clip from the event, which has been shared on social media, Watson can be seen answering the question first.

And she replies much as you'd probably expect

"Erm, I'm afraid I'm really gonna bore all of you, but I'm afraid I'm gonna stick it in a bank until I'm 21," she said.

But what about the main guy, Radcliffe? Surely, he went and splashed out on something big, right?

Well, he may have, but the shy actor wasn't giving anything away at the time.

"Erm, I... no, I don't have any idea," he admitted.

What did Harry Potter spend his first pay cheque on?
Warner Bros.

And then, finally, his sidekick Grint, who simply branded it 'muggle money', which as a a wizard, he 'didn't really understand it'.

If that's given you a big old dose of nostalgia, and a hankering to watch the films back again, you're in luck, because they're now on Netflix.

News of the series' arrival on Netflix was shared by the streaming service on Twitter yesterday (16 May), when it posted a still from the film and wrote: "All 8 Harry Potter films come to Netflix UK/IE tomorrow!!"

Netflix has also updated its bio with a line from the franchise in honour of the occasion, writing: "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

The announcement was enough to spark excitement among fans, but waking up this morning to find the films readily available has actually sent some Netflix users into tears.

"Seeing Harry Potter on Netflix this morning has made me cryyyy," one fan commented, while another wrote: "Harry Potter finally being added to Netflix?? SCREAMING CRYING."

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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