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Harry Potter fan 'disgusted and appalled' after stage actor told audience to 'suck his balls'

Harry Potter fan 'disgusted and appalled' after stage actor told audience to 'suck his balls'

Rather than stepping into the Wizarding World, fans were left ‘disgusted and appalled’ by the off-cuff performance in Wiltshire.

An actor may be in need of an invisibility cloak after angering Harry Potter fans.

During a performance of comedy show Spontaneous Potter, one cast member told the audience to ‘suck his balls’.

Fans were apparently left ‘disgusted and appalled’ by the off-cuff performance in Wiltshire.

The show was not a hit with fans of the Wizarding World.
The Spontaneous Players

The performance of Spontaneous Potter took place at the Salisbury Arts Centre on 13 May, with the event playfully poking fun at the fantastical franchise.

Confusion arose from the official poster for the event, which shows the cast in Hogwarts robes and the iconic basilisk from the Chamber of Secrets.

However, the show is actually advertised as ‘an entirely improvised wizarding comedy play’ and ‘based on an audience suggestion of a fanfiction title’. Nevertheless, some of the audience were left angrier than Mad-eye Moody.

One fan even admitted she left early, despite the show being advertised as a parody.
The Spontaneous Players

One fan, Victoria Flint, was so frustrated that she even asked for a refund afterwards – despite arriving in a brand-new cloak as she celebrated her birthday.

She told the Swindon Advertiser: “The first thing that the main character said when opening the show was, 'I have never watched a single Harry Potter film or read a single Harry Potter book.'"

Gasping at the news, the attendees were then told ‘you can suck my balls’ by the same cast member.

Understandably, Flint thought the show was less than magical.

“It’s not really what I paid £20 each for a ticket for, not what I think many people around me really thought that they paid for. We decided to leave early,” she explained, adding: “It wasn’t anything to do with Harry Potter.”

Though Flint has written to Wiltshire Creative and requested a refund, it’s unclear whether she will receive one.

The official poster had several references to the beloved franchise.
The Spontaneous Players

The Spontaneous Players told LADbible: “We have performed Spontaneous Potter: The Unofficial Improvised Parody over 500 times to over 100,000 people across the UK, and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for seven years now.

"We’ve headlined improv festivals, achieved a slew of five-star reviews, and won a Scottish Comedy Award for the show. It is a critically-acclaimed, unofficial Potter parody show.”

They also maintained that the show had been advertised appropriately.

Continuing, they wrote: “It has always been clearly labelled as a 16+ parody show, which contains adult language.

"This is evident from reading the marketing blurb on our website, and on all third-party sites. The 16+ age rating and adult language warning is made clear to all customers when purchasing tickets.

"We offer a family-friendly children's version of the show for ages 5+."

Featured Image Credit: The Spontaneous Players

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