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Lewis Capaldi points out Harry Potter doppelgänger and fans ‘can’t unsee’ it

Lewis Capaldi points out Harry Potter doppelgänger and fans ‘can’t unsee’ it

Lewis Capaldi has had many comparisons - Liz Truss, Susan Boyle etc - but this time it's a Harry Potter star that he apparently looks like

Lewis Capaldi has revealed another famous person that he has been compared to, and this time it’s one of the stars of the Harry Potter movies.

You can see what he makes of the unfortunate comparison in the video below:

The Scottish singer has been compared to all sorts of people during his relatively short career, and not all of them have been favourable.

In fact - come to think of it - none of them have been that favourable.

Most of them have been women and several of them have been politicians, so maybe this is a slight uptick in fortunes for him.

The 26-year-old, who likes to have a bit of a laugh at his own expense on TikTok, shared a new video in which he revealed the star from the world of witchcraft and wizardry that he apparently looks like.

In his video, Capaldi said: "This one time I was at an after party after being out one night and this random guy came up to me and said that I looked like Alastor ‘Mad-Eye’ Moody from Harry Potter."

Capaldi was told he looked like the Harry Potter star after a night out.

So, he looks a bit like a scarred-up, grisly old wizard played by an actor who is considerably older than him?

Great, how can that be an improvement?

Well, it’s better to be compared to The Banshees of Inisherin star Brendan Gleeson’s character Moody than - for example - Susan Boyle, Liz Truss, or Angela Merkel.

These have all happened before, too.

When he looked at a picture of Gleeson as Moody, Capaldi admitted: “I kinda get it.”

Now, fans have been piping up to say that they ‘can’t unsee’ the comparison.

One said: “I can’t unsee it now!

“But Mad Eye is a legend so that’s a gid [sic] thing!"

Another wrote: "I’m sorry but you do look like him.

“I said that as soon as I watched the film about a week ago and I can’t unsee it I still love you tho [sic] Lewis.”

At least he accepts the fact.

As for the other resemblances, Capaldi responded to a post in which he was told that he looked like then-Prime Minister - remember those few weeks? - Liz Truss.

He wrote: “Why do I look like so many female politicians?”

Then, after joining BBC Scotland for their Hogmanay show, he received a message that read: “Lewis, my dad saw you on TV and thought you were Susan Boyle."

Anyway, at least he can take it with a good grace and doesn’t mind having a bit of fun, even if the joke is on him.

You have to wonder what Brendan Gleeson makes of all this, and whether he’s even heard of Lewis Capaldi.

Featured Image Credit: @lewiscapaldi/TikTok

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