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Here's why pride parades and LGBTQIA+ events still matter in 2023

Here's why pride parades and LGBTQIA+ events still matter in 2023

LADbible took to the streets of Sydney to ask attendees why WorldPride is so important, and they shared some absolute pearls of wisdom.

Rejoice, people, as World Pride is finally here in Sydney.

The 17-day festival kicked off in Sydney last week with loads of events, parades, shows and other cultural activities championing diversity and equality.

World Pride, licensed by InterPride and organised by one of its members, is an event that promotes visibility and awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ+) issues on a global scale.

And as part of the 2023's festival, this year's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade will return to its original route along Oxford Street this week to celebrate its 45th anniversary.

However, as the world becomes a little bit more progressive each year, some have questioned why pride events are necessary.

Richard Milnes / Alamy Stock Photo

That’s why LADbible took to the streets of Sydney to ask people why it's important to them, and they shared some absolute pearls of wisdom.

One festival-goer said: “Pride is important because the next generation needs to be themselves. That’s it. Bottom line.”

Another chimed in: “It’s to remember for all of us and all the younger generations that it is ok to be you, and we are proud to be who we are, and we don’t have to apologise for being who we are as people.”

While a third shared that events like this present an opportunity for ‘all walks of life’ to assemble for one cause.

They said: “Pride is amazing because basically it allows people of all genders, sexuality, different walks of life to come together and celebrate who we are and who we truly are and we able to live our best lives.”

Others suggested it's also a good moment to reflect on our history.

One event-goer said: “Pride’s important because of the people who come before us, I think that you know, as a community, we are living in the most open way possible, and I think it’s only because we’re sitting on the shoulders of people like the 78ers, people who first marched in Mardi Gras.

They added: “I think it’s important to live your life now because they’re are people you haven’t been able to.”

The head of ACON, Nicolas Parkhill AM, said pride events are vital to continue to push for more rights and awareness of the struggles of others.

Zefrog / Alamy Stock Photo

He told LADbible: "Even with the progress made in Australia with equal marriage rights and broader social acceptance of LGBTQ+ people compared to decades ago, our communities here and around the world continue to experience stigma, discrimination, human rights violations, as well as key health inequities and challenges.

"While Mardi Gras and global Pride celebrations, including this year’s WorldPride, are a time for us to come together and party, they also provide LGBTQ+ people with a way to unite around our collective strength, diversity and resilience, and continue to push for greater equality for, and inclusion of, everyone in our communities wherever we are.

If you want to discover all the cool events happening in Sydney right now, check out our list.

Happy Pride, people, and follow that rainbow brick road!

Featured Image Credit: Richard Milnes / Alamy Stock Photo. mjmediabox / Alamy Stock Photo

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