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Hilarious Clip Of Betty White And Ryan Reynolds Goes Viral Following Her Death

Hilarious Clip Of Betty White And Ryan Reynolds Goes Viral Following Her Death

The clip has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans reminiscing the late actor

A hilarious clip of the late Betty White and Ryan Reynolds on the set of The Proposal has resurfaced and gone viral online following her death. Take a look below:

Betty White, who died at the age of 99 yesterday (31 December), appeared in the 2009 movie alongside Ryan Reynolds and clearly, the pair had a lot of fun behind the scenes.

In the resurfaced clip, which was shared by Twitter user Ahmed Ali, the pair embark on a hilarious skit together which shows White pretending to mistake Reynolds for the coffee boy on set, rather than her co-star.

When White asks him for a cup of coffee, while getting his name wrong, the Deadpool actor tells White how they've actually been 'working together for months' to which she tells him he's been 'a terrible assistant' and, more specifically: "when Betty White says she wants a cup of coffee, you get her a f*****g cup of coffee."

Twitter/@MrAhmednurAli - Touchstone Pictures

Well, this is when hell truly breaks loose as the pair start throwing savage insults at one another, with Reynolds saying: "You seem like an adorable, sweet old lady on the outside but on the inside, you're like this seething demon!" Ouch.

Things then take a turn in the sketch when White turns on the crocodile tears and seeks the comfort of Reynold's co-star Sandra Bullock, all while discreetly giving him the finger.

Bullock then takes Reynolds to the side to tell him: "What is wrong with you? She is a f*****g national treasure, she is... you're not.

"That is a living legend. You're not. This is my film, America's sweetheart is going to f**k you up," she says before going on an extremely foul-mouthed rant in White's defence at the bewildered actor.

Of course, the resurfaced clip went down very well with fans on social media, with one Twitter user writing: "The comedic timing from everyone involved is unreal. I’m laughing so hard instead of crying now."

Twitter/@MrAhmednurAli - Touchstone Pictures

"It was hilarious. The way she told him to get a coffee and that diva attitude of hers…! Nothing like Betty IRL," another said.

"LMAO! Thank you for posting this, soooo funny! I'm all teary and this made me feel better," commented a third.

Since White's death was announced yesterday, millions of fans and co-stars have been sending in their condolences and tributes for the Golden Girls actor, including Reynolds himself.

Penning a heartfelt tweet, he wrote: "The world looks different now. She was great at defying expectation.

"She managed to grow very old and somehow, not old enough. We’ll miss you, Betty. Now you know the secret."

In a career that spanned over 80 years, Betty White was an actor who proved that age is certainly just a number.

Best known for her Emmy-winning roles on television sitcoms The Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the US national treasure recently featured on People magazine's front cover to discuss her longevity ahead of her birthday.

White said that her mother installed a positive attitude in her and that's what lead to a long and happy life.

"I got it from my mom, and that never changed. I always find the positive."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@MrAhmednurAli - Touchstone Pictures

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