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Holly Willoughby makes random call out in seriously bizarre interview at KSI fight

Holly Willoughby makes random call out in seriously bizarre interview at KSI fight

The This Morning host is ready for a fight

This Morning's Holly Willoughby might be swapping the sofa for the boxing ring after she called out another celeb during an interview at KSI's fight against FaZe Temperrr.

The presenter was among thousands of fans who gathered to watch the two boxers go head-to-head at Wembley Arena on Saturday (14 January), where KSI succeeded in getting a knock-out victory.

But who does Willoughby want to face off with?

The presenter doesn't typically present herself as a huge boxing fan, but she still was approached for an interview after being spotted ring-side at the arena with her husband, Daniel Baldwin.

During the chat, which took place before KSI and Temperrr's bout, Willoughby revealed she was vouching for the rapper to win against FaZe after Dillon Danis pulled out of the main event.

After Holly divulged which side she was on, the interviewer turned to the topic of women's boxing and Elle Brooke, the OnlyFans star who took on TikTok star Faith Ordway earlier in the evening at Wembley.

Brooke scored a knockdown against Ordway and secured a first-round stoppage victory, with both fighters left bloodied after their bout.

After seeing Brooke take the win, the interviewer decided to shoot their shot and ask whether Willoughby would consider stepping in to the ring to take on the boxer.

Holly Willoughby is prepared for a fight.
SOPA Images Limited / Alamy Stock Photo

It would certainly be a bizarre turn of events after her years of remaining punch-free on the sofa at This Morning, but I suppose she might be keen to mix things up in the future.

In response, Willoughby joked that she would be up for a fight - though perhaps not with Brooke.

"I don't know about that - I mean the women were incredible," she said, before being asked if there were 'any women' she was trying to 'call out'.

And it didn't take long for Willoughby to come up with her answer, though her choice might surprise you because it's none other than Spice Girl Emma Bunton.

Holly Willoughby called out Emma Bunton for a fight.
Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Willoughby said: "One of my very good friends who's normally on stage in here, Spice Girl Emma Bunton, is watching this at home... so I'm calling out you Emma Bunton!"

In case her comments have left you confused, don't worry - you haven't missed Bunton take a U-turn into a boxing career - the 'stage' Willoughby was referring to was the nearby Wembley Stadium where the Spice Girls have previously performed.

"Emma B! It's beef!," the interviewer responded.

The chat came to an end with the interviewer bursting into laughter, but maybe Willoughby wasn't joking?

We'll have to wait and see whether we see her face off against Bunton in the future.

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