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OnlyFans stars to settle content ripping feud with 'boxing grudge match'

OnlyFans stars to settle content ripping feud with 'boxing grudge match'

Let's get ready to rumbbbbbbbble!

Two OnlyFans models locked in a bitter feud are getting in the ring to sort things out once and for all.

Alexia Grace and Beth Fiit used to be best of friends, but things went south when people started to claim that they were posting the same kind of content.

Since then, tensions between the pair have risen to the point that they started going for one another directly.

Commenting online, Alexia, 22, said: "You guys say that I copy Beth Fiit’s content, which is literally impossible because the content that I create is me showing off my personality.

“So unless I stole her personality I’m not copying her TikToks.”

Alexia Grace is set to get in the ring with her online foe Beth Fiit.

The two then got into it during an Instagram Live, which attracted thousands of viewers.

And as the beef grew, so did the numbers, with Alexia claiming that 20,000 people logged on to see them have it out.

Beth said that she never planned on getting involved, but had to when she heard Alexia 'running her mouth'.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Alexia, who supports Aston Villa, said: "She said that I'm a football fraud, I’m not actually a football fan.

“Pretty much the majority of my social media especially Twitter is based around football. I'm an Aston Villa fan.

“So her saying that was her way of trying to [hurt] my career like ‘she doesn't support football she's fake.

“So then I said, 'Well, if we're gonna go personal, then you don't go to the gym’, because she calls herself Beth Fiit, I said, 'You're not Beth Fiit, you're Beth Unfiit’."

And now, Beth has called her foe out for a boxing match, so that they can settle the score.

According to Alexia, who says she's been training for the past few years, Beth thinks it will be an easy contest, but it will be anything but.

Beth says she can't wait to 'knock the words' out of Alexia's mouth.

“I said the only reason why you want to box me is that you want an easy opponent because I'm lean," she said.

"I just wanted to solve everything. But anyway it ended in a boxing match. So we're just waiting for everything to be sort of sorted out.”

Responding to the call-out, Beth told the outlet that she was ready.

She said: "I have nicknamed her Alecia DisGrace as it feels fitting for her behaviour.

“I called her out for a boxing match as I’ve been training and want to knock the words out of her mouth. And we are waiting on news of a potential boxing match."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@itsalexiagrace / Instagram/@BethFiit

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