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Idris Elba reveals whether he would work with his daughter after not giving her role in new film

Idris Elba reveals whether he would work with his daughter after not giving her role in new film

Isan Elba didn't make the cut for her dad's new action thriller

Idris Elba has opened up about whether he would star in a film with his daughter after it was revealed that she didn't land a role in his new film Beast. You can watch the trailer for the film below:

Earlier this month, the Luther star said that his 20-year-old daughter Isan had auditioned to play his on-screen daughter in the survival thriller, which dropped in cinemas yesterday (26 August).

However, unfortunately she didn't get the part as the chemistry 'wasn’t right for the film'.

Although Idris previously joked that she 'didn’t talk to him for about three weeks' after, in a sit down with LADbible, the 49-year-old star revealed that in reality there were no hard feelings.

"She's good," he explained. "I said three weeks but she was talking to me the next day, she's fine."

As for whether he'd be open to working with Isan in the future, it's a yes.

He continued: "My daughter's a great actor and also a great filmmaker and storyteller herself, so I can't wait to work with her."

Watch this space, folks.

Idris says his daughter Isan is a fantastic actor and storyteller.
Tribune Content Agency LLC/Alamy Stock Photo

Idris' on-screen daughters in Beast are portrayed by Leah Jeffries and Iyana Halley, with all three starring as a trio whose trip to South Africa goes awry when they find themselves hunted by a rogue lion hellbent on revenge.

The film provides some b-movie thrills with a heartfelt narrative of a fractured family weaved throughout.

In our interview, Idris also discussed the challenges of filming in the South African wilderness, saying: "We shot at this region called Limpopo, which is just outside of Joburg.

"We also shot at Eastern Cape, and it was just [a lot of] travelling from one place to another.

"I remember we were travelling one time and we had to all stop the cars because the dust road was so dusty that you couldn't even see [a short distance] in front of the car.

Beast is out in cinemas now.
Universal Pictures

"We all had to stop and let it settle down, and then drive really slow. And when you've got a 30-mile journey to do that's a challenge."

As for Beast's climatic scene, Idris explained there's a reason it's been compared to Leonardo DiCaprio's bear fight in The Revenant.

"That bear was also done in a similar way - it was not a real bear, it was a human being and they painted the bear in and it was fantastic," he said.

You may have guessed by now that the scene in question sees the actor take on the titular lion, something which he said was a 'real process' to create.

"I did the fight sequence with a man in a grey suit who looks a bit more like a massive mouse and he's just growling and doing his thing," he added.

The actor's character goes head-to-head with a huge lion in the film.
Universal Pictures

"Then they take him out and I did exactly the same choreography without anyone there, and that's very bizarre.

"They then do it again with the camera moves on the empty space, and then they put it all into the magic computer and make it look as real as possible, but it really takes a lot of time."

If you're wondering just how realistic the scene turned out, there's only one thing for it - Beast is available to watch in UK cinemas now, folks.

Featured Image Credit: Allstar Picture Library Ltd/ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo

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