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IShowSpeed accidentally pays $125,000 for a virtual fedora on Roblox

IShowSpeed accidentally pays $125,000 for a virtual fedora on Roblox

The YouTuber was furious after realising he'd bought a Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora for 14 million Robux.

IShowSpeed accidentally bought a USD $125,000 (AUD $188,060) a virtual fedora on Roblox.

In a hilarious turn of events, the well-known YouTuber was seen realising a Midnight Blue Sparkle Time Fedora, a limited item on Roblox, was all his for a cool for 14 million Robux.

The jaw-dropping moment was captured on film, with the 18-year-old repeatedly yelling 'no' and 'I need a refund'.

As soon as the online game confirmed the order, the content creator began controllably yelling before proclaiming: "I thought it was going to ask for a verification."

The blunder had many in stitches, as one user wrote: "NO WAY LMAOOO."

Another commented: "Holy f**k bro became one of the richest robloxians by value just by buying this."

A third said: "Me when I f**k around just to see the total on Shein and it goes through instead."

While another shared: "This is the dumbest rich guy ever."

It comes after a 10-year-old child made around AUD $4,676 (£2,500) of Roblox purchases from her mother's account.

BBC News reported that the children changed the password on her iPad without her mum's knowledge.

Georgina Munday, from Denbighshire, has warned other parents to 'be vigilant' regarding their children's online activity.

Munday, who told the outlet her daughter, who has autism, had been playing on her tablet for longer recently due to being off school after struggling in mainstream education.

Munday said: "We'd just seen hundreds of transactions, these payment confirmations, so then the panic set in - oh my gosh, whose card is this on?"

Once the mother realised the password had changed, she realised her daughter was the culprit.

She then called her bank, who initially refused a refund, but after BBC Radio 4's You and Yours took up the case, the mother was issued her money back.

"I rang up Tesco Bank and they said, because it was my daughter, they couldn't do anything about it. So I tried Apple again - they just read me their terms and conditions. So that's when I contacted the BBC, You and Yours, consumer programme," she said.

And once she was granted the refund, she cried tears of joy.

"I cried - it was just a relief, a weight off my shoulders," she said.

Apple said that parents receive alerts on their phones when payments go through and have advised passwords not to be disclosed to children to avoid accidental purchases.

Featured Image Credit: IShowSpeed

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