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Video Game Accused Of Having 'Most F**ked Up' Scene Of All Time

Joe Harker

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Video Game Accused Of Having 'Most F**ked Up' Scene Of All Time

When it comes to the title of 'most f**ked up' moment in a video game, one particularly harrowing scene might just take the cake.


In my years as a gamer I've mown down countless enemies and sent entire armies full of people to fight and die so I could acquire some new chunk of in-game real estate, or just for fun, really.

Don't get me wrong, I play lots of nice, wholesome games too but I've done my fair share of simulated violence.


The thing is, in these moments there's usually been a certain level of detachment from what I'm doing, the enemies are either really bad guys or it's just numbers on a screen.

The really harrowing moments are the times when a video game takes the player and makes them directly do something awful, as slowly and painfully as possible.

While plenty of gaming moments would fit this bill, one part in particular from It Takes Two probably takes the title for the most messed up moment in gaming.


It Takes Two is already a pretty weird game, putting you in the shoes of married couple Cody and May as their relationship is falling apart and they plan on divorcing.

The pair then get thrown into the mother of all marriage counselling sessions when their daughter Rose makes dolls of her parents and plays like they're patching things up.

Cody and May end up becoming the dolls for real and have to work together to get out of their predicament.


There's one particular sequence in the game which will live long in the nightmares of anyone who plays it, and that's the scene with Cutie the Elephant.

Thinking that tears could change them back into humans, Cody and May decide to kill Cutie, their daughter's favourite toy, so that Rose will start crying.

The game them makes the players drag this cute, fluffy toy elephant to her death while she tries to crawl away and begs you to stop killing her.

You have to drag Cutie a long way, tearing off her leg and ear in the process, and keep dragging her to the edge so you can throw her off the high drop.


One of the worst parts is that it doesn't even work! In the end you've murdered an adorable child's toy and made your daughter cry for absolutely nothing.

It's the sort of messed up moment only a video game can deliver, as it makes you directly commit this terrible deed rather than just watch like you would a movie or TV show.


It Takes Two director and co-writer Josef Fares told Push Square the scene where the players murder Cutie was 'very important for the characters' as it's meant to show that the parents have 'totally forgot about what’s important for them'.

That they will literally kill their daughter's favourite toy and bathe in her tears while knowing what they're doing is wrong is the point of the scene.

He explained that it was also the point where the dysfunctional couple start working together a bit more and begin mending their relationship.

Luckily for Cutie, she's seen all stitched up and repaired at the end of the game, a symbol of how Cody and May are patching things up after their ordeal.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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Joe Harker
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