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Who Is Javon Walton? Previous Work, Net Worth, Height And Twin

Who Is Javon Walton? Previous Work, Net Worth, Height And Twin

All you need to know about Javon Walton from The Umbrella Academy

As fans have had time to digest the newest series of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, which landed on the streaming platform last week, one recognisable face is doing the rounds online for the second time this year as he made his debut in the action series. 

Javon Walton (15), previously of HBO’s Euphoria, joins the show in its third series as Stan, who we know as the son of Lila (Ritu Arya) and Diego (David Castañeda). 

As he enters his third major acting appearance, here is everything we know about Javon Walton. 

Who Is Javon Walton, And Where Do We Know Him From? 

Despite his infancy (and that of his career), Walton, colloquially known as ‘Wanna’, has already made a name for himself with his portrayal of Ashtray in HBO’s award-winning series Euphoria.

The show’s troubled adolescent drug dealer stole hearts during its second series, which aired this February, despite the character coming to a gruesome end. 

On top of his reputable acting gigs, including Amazon Prime’s Utopia and the forthcoming film Samaritan, Walton is also a professional boxer.

As a five-time Georgia state champion and four-time champion of USA boxing South East Regional, he’s far from finished winning just yet, as he intends on appearing at the 2024 Olympics, representing his country both in Boxing and Gymnastics. 

Javon Walton: Key Facts

  • Age: 15
  • DoB: 22 July 2006
  • Nationality: American (hailing from Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Net Worth: Estimated $1 Million
  • TikTok Followers: 5.9 Million Followers 
  • Instagram Followers: 5.4 Million Followers 
  • Twitter Followers: 39,900 Followers 

All numbers correct as of June 2022. 

What is Javon Walton’s Height? 

Because of his young age, online reports of Walton’s height vary, but its safe to say he currently stands around 5 ft 6. This is subject to change, since he’s knee-deep into adolescence, but his extensive boxing and gymnastics training can attest he’s probably far from finished growing just yet. 

Who Is Javon Walton’s Twin Brother?

Once fans were able to digest the newest series, Netflix revealed on Twitter that, along with Javon, the star’s twin Jaden had also made an appearance on the show as his brother’s stand-in.

A role pertaining to little acting, a stand-in will take the place of the principal actor on set for lighting set-ups, camera blocking, or in rehearsals where Javon’s character isn’t needed.

Along with the tweet, Netflix shared a photo of the pair looking indistinguishable as they both took on the role of Stan on the Umbrella Academy set. 

Javon Walton Net Worth: How Much Does Javon Walton Earn?

As of 2022, Javon Walton’s net worth is an estimated $1 Million, according to multiple online sources. 

How Old Is Javon Walton?

Born on 22 July 2006, Walton is currently 15 years old, and will turn 16 this summer.

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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