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Jeremy Clarkson believes school pupils should be 'smoking and bonking' not studying

Jeremy Clarkson believes school pupils should be 'smoking and bonking' not studying

The former Top Gear host has sounded off about how students should be spending their time

Your school days are supposedly the best years of your life.

Although, I guess that depends on how you spent them.

If you were to listen to Jeremy Clarkson, you'd have a great time - you just might not pass your exams.

The former Top Gear host has never been one to shy away from expressing his opinions, and he recently sounded off about how school students should be spending their time.

Clarkson, who famously got a C and two Us in his A Level exams, said: "I tell this story to kids, hoping they’ll realise that school is for smoking and sh***ing, not swotting.

"But they all have it in their heads that without four A*s and a first from Oxford, they’re going to spend their lives endlessly asking customers if they’ve ever been to a Harvester before."

In Clarkson's opinion, the emphasis on swotting instead of bonking is doing youngsters no good.

Jeremy Clarkson has given his opinion on how students should spend their time.
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The 63-year-old said: "This makes them all unbelievably stressy.

"If you then throw the teachers strike into the mix, you end up with what we must now call a ‘mental health epidemic’.

"Exam results only really matter if you want to be a doctor or a lawyer and you need to be professionally qualified.

"I employed a chap on the farm last month and never looked at how he’d done at school or if he’d been to uni."

So why did Clarkson take him on then?

Because he liked his shoes.

Go figure.

School activities aren't the only thing that have Clarkson riled up, as he took aim at Carol Vorderman in a recent column, where he branded the broadcaster 'awfully shouty'.

In his column, Clarkson criticised Vorderman for saying she was disgusted at Minister for Women's Health, Maria Caulfield, for not turning up to an event on menopause.

Jeremy Clarkson branded Carol Vorderman 'awfully shouty' in a recent column.

Speaking of Vorderman's disapproval, Clarkson wrote: "That’s a bit strong because if you’re ‘absolutely disgusted’ by someone who disagrees with you about the menopause, then how do you describe your feelings towards a Russian soldier who’s just lobbed a hand grenade into a school?"

I mean...we can walk and chew gum at the same time, Jeremy.

Vorderman didn't take kindly to his criticism and blasted him on social media for 'having a go at a woman'.

Well, if nothing else, we can always rely on him for his words of wisdom come next exam results day.

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