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John Cena responds to viral video of him telling fan to leave him alone

John Cena responds to viral video of him telling fan to leave him alone

John Cena was praised for the respectful way he told a fan to leave him alone.

John Cena has responded to the viral video of him telling fan to leave him alone.

The iconic WWE superstar was praised by fans for the respectful way he turned down a fan wanting him to say his catchphrase while he was out eating with friends.

A fan approached Cena with their camera out and asked him 'can you "you can't see me," like' with the Peacemaker star deftly responding: "How about 'can I enjoy some time with my friends?'"

Whomever was recording said 'ah sorry' and retreated with a nod of acknowledgement from Cena, but the footage has since ended up online.

The real takeaway from all this is that John Cena appears to drink Guinness.
TikTok/ @alex99rocks

The encounter was posted to TikTok with the caption 'L John Cena', but other wrestling fans who saw the footage were sure it was actually a scrumptiously massive W.

One said Cena was 'actually so nice' while another declared that he 'manages to always carry himself with hustle, loyalty and respect' which really are the three qualities one must strive to carry themselves with in life.

Cena has now issued a low-key response upon his return to the WWE ring.

But it happened to be very subtle and only some wrestling fans spotted it when Cena went head-to-head with Grayson Waller at WWE Money in the Bank 2023 yesterday (1 July).

The pair had a staged verbal altercation over whether Wrestlemania should come to London or Australia - but fans picked up on a tiny detail which shows Cena is well aware of the love he's currently receiving on social media for how he dealt with the fan.

Take a look below:

Featured Image Credit: WWE / TikTok/ @alex99rocks

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