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Adult streaming site offers John Cena £390,000 to strip off live on camera after 'naked' Oscars stunt

Adult streaming site offers John Cena £390,000 to strip off live on camera after 'naked' Oscars stunt

John Cena's 'naked' Oscars stunt has caught the eye of an adult streaming site

John Cena is usually heard but not seen. But at this year's Oscars, he was definitely seen.

His 'naked' Oscars stunt at LA’s Dolby Theatre on Sunday evening (10 March) came as a bit of a shock as the WWE superstar ironically presented the Best Costume Design award.

Cena came on stage for a skit to reference an actual streaker who disrupted the 1974 Academy Awards.

"At the 46th Academy Awards, 1974, David Niven was in the middle of introducing Elizabeth Taylor when a nude man - a streaker - ran across the stage," host Jimmy Kimmel said as Cena popped up in the background.

"Can you imagine if a nude man ran across the stage today?"

During the bit, the wrestler-turned-film star peeked his head from the backstage curtain to tell Kimmel he wasn't sure about making his way to the front.

He was presenting the best costume design award.

After a brief discussion, the comedian was able to convince the 46-year-old to come out from behind the curtain with just a Best Costume Design envelope covering his junk.

Holly Waddington from Poor Things won the award, as Cena struggled to pass over the trophy.

Taking to social media, one viewer tweeted: "Naked John Cena bit might be the greatest Oscar bit of all time."

Another added: "That was rather funny! I think I woke my neighbors screaming like I did, but I loved it!"

Now, after behind-the-scenes footage was shared, we learnt that the WWE legend wasn't actually fully naked.

It seems that Cena was wearing a 'modesty pouche' across his crotch and bum, as he later changed into a curtain in the ad break.

Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

But that hasn't stopped adult webcam company CamSoda from sending him a lucrative £390,000 ($500,000) offer for one hour's work.

As reported by The Mirror, Boss Daryn Parker wrote in an email: "As I write to you now, I am wearing my favorite pair of Jorts watching a compilation of your greatest WWE highlights.

"Tough for me to say, but I think you are as good an actor as you are a wrestler!

"After last night's revealing Oscars performance, it's clear you're still in great shape.

"Whether it was last night or during Wrestlemania, we're happy to help you strut your stuff.

"After all, there's quite a few people that'd love to watch you strip down your iconic Jorts and see the real 'five knuckle shuffle.'".

With a reported net worth of £80 million, however, I think you'd need a lot more than £390,000 to convince the actor.

LADbible has contacted John Cena's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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