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Angry fan confronts John Cena at UK Comic Con asking why he gave someone free autograph

Angry fan confronts John Cena at UK Comic Con asking why he gave someone free autograph

The wrestling star asked the fan to come on stage to address the complaint

A frustrated fan dared call out John Cena for giving an audience member a free autograph during his appearance at Comic Con UK in Wales.

I feel like you have to have a lot of confidence to confront an actual WWE star, but one fan called Tom took John to task for what he deemed to be an unfair exchange while Cena was on stage in Newport.

The Fast & Furious actor was taking questions from the crowd when a young fan asked if he would sign his wrestling belt, to which Cena responded: "Can't say no to that, come on down."

As he was writing his autograph, Tom called out 'why do we have to pay?' to the stage, prompting Cena to take to the mic and ask them to come down.

I can only imagine the fear and dread Tom probably went through, realising his likely offhand comment had been picked up by the A-lister and they now had to address the matter face to face.

Still, Cena was thankfully gracious at the complaint, which saw Tom point out: "[The fan with the belt] just got to go up, and I had to do work to pay to see you."

Cena acknowledged Tom was 'not wrong' and told the crowd, 'these are supposed to be wonderful conventions but there is a lot of stress involved'.

Just as Cena was attempting to smooth things over, Tom took his shot at getting a photograph with the actor by pulling out his phone and giving it a thumbs up while Cena was talking in the background.

After assuring the pair actually got a good photo together, Cena went on to try and make amends by pointing out the attendees at Comic Con didn't 'have' to pay, they 'chose' to pay.

Cena made sure the fan left with a picture.
Monopoly Events

He said: "This is where I'm super grateful for you, you chose to pay just like all of [the crowd]. I know everybody here works hard, and I know what you had to do to be here today and you chose to take the money you earned from work to be here today, and that allows me to be here today, to make moments like this."

Cena concluded his speech by giving Tom a handshake, after which Tom left the stage and appeared to breathe a sigh of relief at having survived the encounter.

It might not have been the most conventional way of starting a conversation with Cena, but for the picture and the handshake, I'm sure it was worth it.

You can watch the full Comic Con Q&A panel with Cena here.

Featured Image Credit: Monopoly Events

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