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John Cena ‘spins scouser’s head’ after he’s spotted working out in Liverpool gym

John Cena ‘spins scouser’s head’ after he’s spotted working out in Liverpool gym

The legendary wrestler was spotted working out in Liverpool

Legendary wrestler turned actor John Cena was spotted working out at a gym in Liverpool recently and it's got scousers all in a spin.

Imagine you're down your local gym when suddenly you turn your head and spot John Cena just working out and doing his thing a little further on.

Hard as it is to believe, celebrities have to exist in a certain time and place too, so, very occasionally, you might find your paths crossing with them.

This being John Cena, pretty much everyone who's laid eyes on the clip has taken the chance to do a 'you can't see me joke' and ask where exactly in the video the big guy is.

For those who've got no idea what that business is all about they got to see Cena in conversation over by a set of weights, and the Liverpudlian location was unmistakable thanks to the thick scouse accent of the person filming him.

John Cena was spotted at a gym in Liverpool.
Snapchat / @timothye123

Over his career Cena has gained legions of fans from his exploits in the ring for WWE and turned his hand to acting with plenty of success.

In recent years he's landed a major role in the DC movie The Suicide Squad and led the follow-up TV series Peacemaker, while he also entered the Fast and Furious movie franchise.

Even people who haven't seen him in the ring or on the big screen will most likely have heard of him at some point, particularly in his selfless efforts with the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Cena last year broke the record for the most wishes granted as there are plenty of kids who dearly wanted the chance to meet their hero and he's been there for them.

Over several years he's made hundreds of wishes come true, which has only seen the respect and adoration people have for him reach new heights.

The Peacemaker star was spotted working out in Liverpool.
Snapchat / @timothye123

Scousers who saw the footage of him working out in Liverpool were surprised that he'd been there and plenty were dismayed that they'd not had the chance to meet him in person.

One person said they'd missed out on the chance to meet Cena because they signed up with a different gym, while another wondered 'why wasn't I there' when they usually went to that gym.

Someone else said he must have been there because he's busy filming the upcoming movie Heads of State, an action comedy which will also star the likes of Idris Elba and Paddy Considine.

While many said they'd loved to have met Cena, in the video he's far from being mobbed by a group of rambunctious scousers and instead looks like he's being left relatively alone to do his own thing.

Featured Image Credit: Snapchat / @timothye123

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