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Julia Fox confesses she’s accidentally taken meth

Emily Brown

| Last updated 

Julia Fox confesses she’s accidentally taken meth

You know how it is - you're out, you're having fun, and without even realising a bit of crystal meth ends up in your system. We've all been there.

And by 'we', I'm referring literally only to Julia Fox.


The Italian-American actress admitted recently to having 'accidentally' taken meth in a mix-up that went down as she attended Coachella.


She explained what happened during an Ask Me Anything on her podcast Forbidden Fruits with co-host Niki Takesh.

It was actually Takesh who was approached about the Class A drug as a fan asked, "Nikki what does meth taste like?" leaving Takesh suitably stunned.

"No, someone said that? No, they didn't. Meth?" she asked Fox.

Fox insisted the question was real before hitting her co-star with her mic-drop revelation: "I did meth by accident one time."


I'm sure we've all done things we've tried to pass off as an 'accident' before, like when you 'accidentally' eat an entire packet of digestives in one sitting, or 'accidentally' find yourself still scrolling TikTok at 4am, but Fox is actually telling the truth.

Know how I know? Because she admitted to doing the drug on purpose, too.

"I did it one time on purpose and one time by accident," she said.

Fox claims she did meth entirely by accident. Credit: Forbidden Fruits
Fox claims she did meth entirely by accident. Credit: Forbidden Fruits

The actor went on to explain how the events unfolded, saying saying she was at Coachella before she got a text from a friend telling her to come to Tijuana.

"I was like OK, word, drop the addy [address] I'm there," Fox recalled.

She claimed to have got an Uber from Coachella to Tijuana, which is on the Pacific Coast of Mexico and approximately a three hour drive from Coachella. Ah, to be rich.

Anyway, when she got there she met 'this really hot guy' who 'had this powder'.


She said: "We just thought it was like coke, and I was like OK."

Fox said she thought the meth was cocaine. Credit: Forbidden Fruits
Fox said she thought the meth was cocaine. Credit: Forbidden Fruits

Of course, now we know that it was not coke.

"It was meth y'all," Fox said.


The podcast host said the drug made her 'so crazy', adding: "We literally shot a whole short film... and then I found a cat, I was trying to get the cat back to the United States, it was a mess."

It sounds like a mess. Crystal meth can leave users feeling alert, agitated, paranoid, confused and even aggressive, while cocaine is intended to make the user feel happy and confident.

Fox obviously made it out unscathed - even if she did have to leave the cat behind - but let her story be a warning: please, please don't take any substances without knowing what they are.

If you want friendly, confidential advice about drugs, you can talk to FRANK. You can call 0300 123 6600, text 82111 or contact through their website 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or livechat from 2pm-6pm any day of the week

Featured Image Credit: Forbidden Fruits Podcast

Topics: Celebrity, Drugs, US News

Emily Brown
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