Who Is Kadeena Cox Dating?

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Who Is Kadeena Cox Dating?

If you think you’ve seen Kadeena Cox elsewhere on TV, you’re not wrong. The paralympic gold-medalist appeared on Eating With My Ex in January 2020.

Now that she’s on I’m A Celebrity, fans want to know if there’s a new man in her life after confronting her serial cheating ex on the BBC show.

Who is Kadeena Cox dating?

It’s believed that Kadeena is currently enjoying the single life. 


She previously dated 35-year-old professional photographer Tes McFly (no relation to the band), who she sat down with on Eating With My Ex.

Kadeena and Tes met when they were in their teens on Facebook. Kadeena was reportedly speaking to Tes’s cousin at the time.

Kadeena and Tes dated for a while and then split up, shortly before Kadeena was diagnosed with MS. Tes continued to check in on Kadeena and they later got back together.

However, the second time round, Kadeena broke up with Tes once she found out he was cheating on her and even leading a double life. According to The Sun, a friend of Kadeena told her she’d seen Tes moving in with another woman while dating Kadeena. 


Tes admitted on the show that he’d “lost count” of the amount of times he’d cheated on Kadeena.

He told the camera that he felt sport came first with Kadeena and boyfriends second. But Kadeena soon bit back and said: 

"Don't even dare come at me with that.


"This is why we always ended up in these situations, because you're the one in the wrong yet still you try and make me feel bad about it."

What is Kadeena Cox’s net worth in 2021?

Kadeena Cox’s net worth isn’t confirmed, but it’s estimated that it’s around $1.5 million (£1.1 million) in 2021.

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