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Katherine Ryan's 12-Year-Old Daughter Gets On Stage To Stop Fight

Katherine Ryan's 12-Year-Old Daughter Gets On Stage To Stop Fight

Violet told the crowds 'we're not at a nightclub', before adding: "Someone's obviously performing here."

This is the moment Katherine Ryan's 12-year-old daughter gave crowds a talking to after a boozy fight broke out at comedy gig:

Violet came out on stage at her mum's stand-up show which was being held in De Montfort Hall, Leicester, on Saturday (12 February).

Taking no s***, she can be heard telling the brawlers: "We're not like at a nightclub, we don't have to fight each other... how about we all calm down, it's like - where are we? Do you people know where you are?

"Nobody needs to be starting a fight, that's just stupid. Someone's obviously performing here."

Go get 'em, girl.

Violent was of course met with cheers and applause from the rest of the audience and the little pep talk, on her mum's behalf, seems to have done the world of good.


In another clip that has been circulating, the youngster could also be heard explaining: "Ok, ok, no one's threatening anyone. Just calm down. It's Saturday, I get it, have fun. But please don't threaten anyone, please."

While Violet addressed the crowd, mum Katherine stood beside her occasionally laughing but most of the time watching on admiringly.

The clips of Violet - who has been dubbed 'the People's Princess' - were shared on Katherine's Instagram story with one captioned: "When @kathbum 12 year old daughter has to come out and tell grown men to not fight… are u not EMBARRAZZZZED?"

Another wrote: "@Kathbum brought her daughter out to diffuse a drunken bust up, and I’ve never loved her more."


Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "When an almost teenager has to tell people fighting in the audience to calm down, you've had a good night. Welcome to Leicester @Kathbum, Violet is a legend!"

Another added: "Loved the show. Violet did an amazing job at diffusing the situation with the idiots in the audience. Violet for prime minister I say!"

A third explained: "Brilliant show from @Kathbum tonight. Some right idiots in the audience though. I can’t say this strongly enough - don’t go to a comedy gig and behave like a d***. Luckily @Kathbum’s daughter was on hand to calm it all down. @demontforthall can you just throw them out next time?"

In response, someone else said: "There’s always one or in tonight’s case a few , but handled perfectly by yourself and Violet and didn’t spoil a fantastic night."

Violet for PM then, yeah?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/kathbum

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