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Who Is Kelsey Johnson On OnlyFans?

Who Is Kelsey Johnson On OnlyFans?

She and her mum Carol Johnson recently stepped into the spotlight after speaking to The Sun for a series of interview articles.

Following the surprising recent news that a mother in Scotland has fully supported her daughter Kelsey Johnson’s move to OnlyFans, fans are now wondering who exactly this model is and how she racked up so many paying subscribers on the platform.

Who is Kelsey Johnson and why is she famous?

Kelsey Johnson is a 24-year-old OnlyFans model from Thurso, Scotland.

The internet sensation, known as @Kelseyxo on the site, has 574.5K likes on her channel, making her one of the most successful OnlyFans creators in Scotland. 

Aside from being an affluent influencer on the platform, Johnson is also a dancer at Private Eyes nightclub in Inverness.

She and her mum Carol Johnson recently stepped into the spotlight after speaking to The Sun for a series of interview articles.

Kelsey Johnson’s Key Facts

  • Real Name: Kelsey Johnson
  • Age: 24
  • DoB: Currently unknown
  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Net Worth: Currently unknown

All numbers correct as of 9th February 2022.

Kelsey Johnson’s Net Worth: How much does Kelsey Johnson earn?

Kelsey Johnson’s net worth is currently unknown.

However, the OnlyFans star recently told The Sun that her platform was able to afford her a “dream home which cost £400,000 and has six bedrooms,” as well as a BMW series 3 ride.

The 24-year-old was also able to pay off her mortgage for the property, according to the publication.

She told the paper: “It’s my actual dream come true as my whole life I’ve always wanted to become a homeowner.

How old is Kelsey Johnson?

Kelsey Johnson is 24-years-old in 2022, although her date of birth is currently unknown.

The OnlyFans star told the publication in her recent interview that she comes from humble beginnings, having “always lived in council houses”. 

“I don't come from money, me and my family have always lived in council houses and my new house is actually the biggest house I’ve ever stepped foot in,” she told the paper.

Who Is Kelsey Johnson's boyfriend?

Kelsey Johnson is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, although his name and age is currently unknown to the public.

The OnlyFans star told The Sun that her “long-term boyfriend supports her career choice”. 

Three Interesting Facts About Kelsey Johnson:

Despite Kelsey Johnson being an avid OnlyFans model, there is much more to the star, including her love for volunteering, being an advocate for mental health support and her experience of being bullied.

1) She is an avid volunteer

Aside from her OnlyFans success, Kelsey Johnson is also an avid volunteer, telling The Sun that she was a door-to-door charity worker raising money for first-aid lessons in schools.

2) She is passionate about mental health

Kelsey Johnson is also passionate about mental health and sees the importance in breaking down the stigma which surrounds it, having previously volunteered at a mental health charity. 

3) She was bullied for being a sex-worker

Despite her undeniable success on OnlyFans, not everybody was as happy and supportive of Kelsey Johnson as her mum. Johnson was unfortunately bullied for her career as a sex worker at the beginning, she revealed to the publication. 

Now, things have taken a surprising turn for the star, with Johnson telling the paper that those who bullied her have since asked her for advice about starting their own OnlyFans platforms.

Featured Image Credit: Kelsey Johnson / The Sun

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