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Lady Gaga Praised For How She Helped Liza Minnelli Present At The Oscars

Lady Gaga Praised For How She Helped Liza Minnelli Present At The Oscars

The singer encouraged her idol to keep going even though she appeared a little confused on stage

Lady Gaga has been praised for the sweet and calm way she helped Liza Minnelli at the Oscars. You can watch it below:

The two appeared on the glitzy stage at the end of the event to present arguably the biggest accolade of the night: the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Due to her longstanding health issues, the Cabaret star appeared in a wheelchair and Gaga stood alongside her.

Lady Gaga allowed Liza to have her own moment when they arrived and she stepped back a few paces as the audience erupted in applause.

The EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) winner appeared to enjoy the huge reaction to her rare public appearance.

Gaga said: "You see that? The public, they love you."

However, when it came time to read her prepared lines, Minnelli fumbled over what she was meant to say.

Proving she's an absolute angel, Gaga stepped in and helped her out.

At the beginning, Liza said: “Oh yes, now what am I... I don’t understand."

But her idol swooped in and told her 'I've got it', before reminding the audience how Minnelli is a 'showbusiness legend'.

Liza then said: "Throughout the night we’ve seen highlights of the 10 best, you know, nominated for best picture awards."

Gaga noticed that Minnelli was struggling a bit with her lines again, so she piped in and said: “We’re gonna see who the nominees are right now.”

As the camera panned up to show who was in the running to receive the Best Picture Oscar, a heartwarming moment was picked up on Gaga's and Minnelli's microphones, which were still on.

Gaga said: "I've got you," and Liza replied: "I know, thank you."

It was a moment that was overshadowed by the groundbreaking and jaw dropping scene of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock for a distasteful joke about Jada.

But people flocked to social media to praise Lady Gaga for the way she graciously and tenderly helped Liza when she was clearly struggling.

Liza has been dealing with serious health issues for the better part of two decades.

At the beginning of the millennium, she battled through a serious case of viral encephalitis, which is a brain infection that can cause death.

She was warned that she might not ever walk or talk again, and that has contributed to her retreating from public life.

So, not only was it incredible that she was at the Oscars at all, but she came on stage to present the biggest award of the evening.

And she had a lovely guardian angel next to her the whole time.

People on social media say this exchange on stage should be the moment remembered from the 2022 Oscars and not the other one that has sparked a million headlines, jokes and memes.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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