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Lana Del Rey threatens to boycott Glastonbury because of line-up poster

Lana Del Rey threatens to boycott Glastonbury because of line-up poster

The award-winning singer has alluded to pulling out of the festival altogether

Lana Del Rey has threatened to boycott this year's Glastonbury festival due the scandal following the extremely controversial line-up announcement.

The line-up was released last Friday (3 March) and has since come under fire by swathes of disappointed fans.

Joining the crowd was none other than the 37-year-old 'Video Games' singer, who has taken no time to hit back at the festival after sharing with fans exactly how she feels about the very messy situation.

Lana Del Rey has threatened to boycott the festival following the line-up announcement.
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Organisers behind the iconic Glastonbury festival released the line-up last Friday morning, yet many music lovers were quick to notice some huge issues with the programming - namely having all-male headline acts.

Emily Eavis, co-organiser of the famed British festival, has since addressed the lack of female headliners and the 'pipeline' problems related to the line-up.

She told The Guardian: "We’re trying our best so the pipeline needs to be developed. This starts way back with the record companies, radio. I can shout as loud as I like but we need to get everyone on board."

However, it seems that Del Rey is not happy at all with how the organises have handled things.

The singer has been very open about her frustration with the festival.
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The line-up currently sees living legend Elton John closing the festival on Sunday night for his final ever UK date - an act which ticket-holders already knew about before the controversy.

Joining John are the Arctic Monkeys, who will be returning to play for their third time at the event on the Friday, alongside Guns n' Roses for the Saturday headline slot.

The 'Honeymoon' singer was nowhere to be seen at the top of the line-up poster - which was filled with the three male headline acts - and was instead buried in the seventh line of names to appear on the listing.

Although she was reportedly set to headline at The Other Stage on the Saturday afternoon - Del Rey's name is all the way down down the poster with more than 20 names of other acts listed before hers.

Some of which include Aitch, Central Cee and and Fred Again.

53% of the performers named in this first wave of acts are also men.
Glastonbury Festival

The 'Born to Die' star has since taken to Instagram to hit back at the line-up announcement alongside the festival organisers.

Sharing her views with her 1.9 million followers, Del Rey posted: "Well, I’m actually headlining the 2nd stage."

"But," she added, "since there was no consideration for announcing that we’ll see."

While she hasn't necessarily indicated that she's pulling out of the festival - it's clear that the very vague 'we'll see' is definitely loaded with some degree of frustration at her name being so low down on the line-up poster.

Del Rey also commented under Glastonbury's announcement post with a sarcastic thank you for their clumsy handling of the situation.

She wrote: "Thanks for announcing that I was headlining the other stage. Thumbs up," accompanied with a very fitting thumbs up emoji.

An inside source reportedly told The Sun some more about Del Rey's reaction to the line-up announcement.

"Thanks for announcing that I was headlining the other stage."

They revealed: "Lana is disappointed. She was proud to be doing a headline slot, but on the announcement graphic her name is buried among lesser-known artists.

"She feels let down being presented as an afterthought lagging behind the all-male trio."

Die-hard fans of the singer took no time to come to her defence with many asking why the line-up didn't include Del Rey further up in the list - especially given that she's got a headline slot.

One Instagram user wrote: "Are y'all just not gonna announce Lana is headlining the other stage or..."

"Why isn’t Lana headlining the main stage?" a second wondered.

A third also questioned: "Why Lana isn’t in the top row? Wtf."

Glastonbury will grace the hills of Somerset from 21 June through to 25 June this year.

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