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The Simpsons Hit & Run Is The Most Demanded Video Game Remaster

The Simpsons Hit & Run Is The Most Demanded Video Game Remaster

The Simpsons: Hit & Run even beat out some classic video games, including Bully, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption.

According to a new poll, The Simpsons: Hit & Run game is the most demanded remaster of all time.

In a GAME press release, The Simpsons: Hit & Run even beat out some classic video games, including Bully, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption, Tony Hawk Skater Pro and Metal Gear Solid.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run took out the title with 44 per cent of votes, followed by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which earned 24 per cent of votes.

The big-budget console video game was released in 2003 and was an instant success, with recorded sales of over three million globally.

Vivendi Universal Games/Alamy

However, it’s no surprise that many want to see the game back on their shelves, as a petition launched in 2020 requesting a sequel has garnered 26,000 signatures so far.

Earlier this month, the voice of Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith, even said while speaking with The Movie Dweeb she would ask the show’s creator Matt Groening if he has plans for a possible sequel or a remaster.

"I will ask for free because you're fabulous,” she joked with the host.

She added: "It would be my pleasure. I will ask about that, why not?" 

In 2019, the game’s original producer Vlad Ceraldi also said he’s open to developing a sequel or remaster for the action-adventure game. 

He told Ladbible: “I could see it on multiple different types of platforms as a remake or remaster. It would have to take the parties who are in charge of the property to want that to happen and someone out there to decide that they were going to go out and do it. 

“But absolutely, it would be fun to explore those characters and that universe again, that work again."

Ceraldi also spoke on why he believes The Simpsons: Hit & Run is so beloved, noting that the game transcends age and anyone can play it.

He said: "As far as why it stood the test of time, I think it's a game that kids could play, adults could play, anyone who was fans of the show could try and laugh and have fun with.

“When you make something, sometimes you know you've made something special. This was one of the ones that we knew we hit the mark. We didn't know it was going to sell as well as it did - we had high hopes, but it definitely hit its expectations."

Featured Image Credit: Vivendi Universal Games/Alamy. Vivendi Universal Games/Alamy

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