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Teaser Trailer Drops For Hunger Games Prequel

Teaser Trailer Drops For Hunger Games Prequel

The upcoming film is scheduled to be theatrically released next year and will follow a young Coriolanus Snow, during the 10th Hunger Games.

A sneak peek of the upcoming Hunger Games prequel was revealed during the 2022 MTV Movie and TV awards.

Today, Monday (June 6), an exclusive teaser was shown for the upcoming dystopian flick titled The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

The trailer revealed the film would also be set during another Hunger Games tournament while unveiling a golden snake and songbird captured in frosty snow.

Many took to Twitter highly anticipating the movie, with one person writing: “I am so beyond excited for this wow.”

Another commented: “So excited that Hunger games is coming back.”

A third person said: “screaming, crying, vomiting. I'm so excited.”

While another requested Taylor Swift, who previously wrote the song ‘Song and Safe' the 2012 film, to be a part of the film's soundtrack, writing: “WE NEED TAYLOR SWIFT AGAIN.”

The upcoming Hunger Games film is scheduled to be theatrically released next year and will follow a young Coriolanus Snow, living as an orphan with his grandmother and cousin Tigris, in a small apartment, according to Deadline

As a top-performing academic student, Snow, is chosen as a mentor for the 10th Hunger Games, where he’s assigned to a tribute, Lucy Gray Baird, a girl from the impoverished District 12, and the two develop a friendship.

Scott and Sid actor Tom Blyth has been cast to play Coriolanus Snow, and Rachel Zegler (West Side Story) will play the role of Lucy Gray Baird.

Francis Lawrence, who directed three of the Hunger Games films, will also be returning as director, with the latest draft of the screenplay completed by Michael Lesslie, who previously worked on Creed.

Lawrence has previously spoken of the ‘exhaustive’ process of trying to find their Lucy; however, when Zegler auditioned for the part, she ‘blew the roof off’ , according to Entertainment Weekly.

"Like everybody, I first saw Rachel Zegler in West Side Story, and like everybody, I knew I was watching a star who would command the screen for a generation," he said.

“Lucy Gray is a perfect match for her as an actress: the character is bold, independent, and defiant, but also vulnerable, emotional, and loving. Rachel will make this character unforgettable."

Lionsgate will be producing the film, with the author of the novels Suzanne Collins serving as an executive producer alongside Tim Palen.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will be released November 2017, 2023.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/MTV Movie and TV Awards/Lionsgate. Lionsgate

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