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Rock Band Kiss Get Roasted For Displaying Aussie Flag During Their Concert In Austria

Rock Band Kiss Get Roasted For Displaying Aussie Flag During Their Concert In Austria

Pour one out for the graphic designer responsible for this one.

Iconic rock band Kiss have made a major boo-boo while playing a gig in Austria by beaming out a picture of the Australian flag to concertgoers.

In a massive digital display to fans in Vienna, the rockers protected a thank-you message that read 'Kiss loves you Vienna'.

Their graphic designer got a bit arty with it too, and that's where everything went south.

Or you could say Down Under.

Superimposed over the band's name was the Australian flag, with the Union Jack and Southern Cross included for all to see.

Hey, A+ for effort. But a quick Google search to double check you have the right flag might be a good idea for next time, fellas.

More than 9,000 Kiss fans turned out to the Vienna concert for their End Of The Road world tour. So it's an interesting final note for Austrian fans.

Kiss are yet to publicly address the flag faux-pas. Social media, however, has been sent into a tizzy over the mix-up.

On Reddit, one user commented: "Danke, mates."

Another added: "Americans and geography."

A third chipped in with a little dig: "Luckily they are only retiring six more times."

The band announced this End Of The Road world tour back in 2018 before they (fully) retire out of 'self-respect', bassist Gene Simmons said, as per NME.

"The reason for stopping touring is because of pride and self-respect and a love and admiration for the fans," he said.

"The last thing you wanna be is to be a world-champion boxer and stay in the ring too long."

Simmons added: "It’s only a matter of time until your legs are not gonna be able to hold you up, and you’re gonna lose."

David Petranker / Alamy Stock Photo

The band is doing several performances around the world, including Australia, despite doing a farewell tour in 2001 to mark their retirement.

As the rockers are all over 70, this will likely be their final final tour.

"We’re gonna quit while we’re on top, do the best we can, and it’ll be sad, but it’s also gonna be happy," Simmons said as per NME.

"On the last show we ever do as a touring band, I’ll be crying like a 12-year-old kid whose foot you’re stepping on."

Kiss will be Down Under, performing nine shows around the country in August later this year.

We have to wonder if they'll troll us with the Austrian flag... or they could just bust out this graphic again.

Featured Image Credit: Ben Nguyen/Twitter. Gonzales Photo / Alamy Stock Photo.

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