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Mia Khalifa Says Nose Job ‘Changed Her Life’

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Mia Khalifa Says Nose Job ‘Changed Her Life’

Mia Khalifa has praised how her nose job has helped her 'whole life'.

The media personality and former adult film star made the revelation on Twitter this week, around 18 months after she had the surgery.

Soon after she went under the knife in June 2020, the Lebanese-American said it was important to maintain her 'strong Middle Eastern nose'.

The aim, she said, was to make her appearance 'more feminine'.


She also reminded her followers not to idolise women on social media without taking into account their plastic surgery procedures.

"If you've ever looked at my boobs and wished yours look like that, please remember mine are made out of the same material as the spatula in your kitchen drawer," she said.

Late last year, the former pornography actress also revealed she received botox.


At the time, Khalifa said she wasn't yet at the stage of requiring botox in her face.

Instead, she had the toxin injected into her armpits to treat hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating.

"I've had hyperhidrosis for about five years - when my anxiety disorder got really bad is when I noticed deodorant just stopped working for me," she said.

"But because I don't use deodorant - or because deodorant doesn't work for me - what I do is, two or three times a year, I just get Botox in my armpits and it shuts the sweat glands.


"I live my life, I don't sweat through shirts, I can wear grey. I don't have to worry about stains in the middle of winter when I don't have an excuse to be sweating.

"So botox in my armpits changed my life."

Khalifa was catapulted to international prominence when a porn scene she engaged in led to her receiving death threats from ISIS. The scene in question involved her wearing a hijab during a threesome.


She subsequently told Alexandra Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast she had to disassociate from the situation and compartmentalise it.

Then she realised she actually needed to confront it.

"I can't just scooch things under the rug and hope that they go away, that's not how that works, you have to face them head on and talk about them," she said.

Featured Image Credit: Mia Khalifa/Instagram

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