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People Are Calling On Elon Musk To Buy Davina's $75 Million Listing On Selling Sunset

People Are Calling On Elon Musk To Buy Davina's $75 Million Listing On Selling Sunset

Since he bought Twitter, people have been asking the billionaire to solve other major global issues - and nothing could be bigger than this.

After tech billionaire Elon Musk announced this week that he'd forked out $44 billion to purchase Twitter, social media users have been calling on the world's richest man to throw money at other major world issues.

One person asked him to buy McDonald's so he can fix the perpetually broken ice cream machines.

Others said he should dedicate a slice of his wealth to addressing world hunger.

Musk himself admitted he can't perform miracles, but some social media users reckon he should commit to another serious global issue that has been going on for years.

These concerned individuals feel Musk should throw some cash at Davina's $75 million ($AUD 105 million, £60 million) dollar listing from Selling Sunset.

If that doesn't make sense to you, you need to stop what you're doing and binge Netflix's Selling Sunset as soon as possible.

It's a guilty-pleasure reality show that centres around the Oppenheim Group and its gaggle of glittery Los Angeles real estate agents and their ritzy listings.

It's veritable real estate porn, with petty drama and a bit of catfighting thrown into the mix.

Over the course of two seasons of the show, we watched as agent Davina Potratz try and fail to find a buyer for a $75 million LA home owned by Adnan Sen, a luxury home developer based in Beverly Hills.

Davina herself has admitted the home is 'overpriced', which explains why the house remains unsold to this day.

Real estate marketing website Zillow estimates the property to be valued at around $28.9 million, which is significantly lower than what Sen is asking Davina sell his home for.

The $75 million listing has become a running joke for viewers, as it's still on the market... but perhaps a certain Tesla CEO could change all of that.

Twitter users have taken to the social media platform to urge its new overlord to purchase the astronomically priced property.

One person said: "Elon Musk should just buy that $75 million dollar listing from Davina and set her free."

A second user also asked the same question: "Why hasn't Elon Musk bought Davina's 75 million dollar listing yet?"

Why indeed, Elon. Why indeed.

Musk himself is yet to reply, but if the tech genius has enough cajones to fork out $44 billion ($AUD 61.6billion, £33.3 billion) for a social media platform, then surely he can spare a measly $75 million to make Selling Sunset fans very happy.

Or, at least, to get that damn listing off poor Davina's plate and a hefty commission into her pocket.

Featured Image Credit: DPA Picture Alliance / Alamy Stock Photo. Netflix.

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