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Trailer For Predator Prequel Movie 'Prey' Has Dropped And It Looks Wild

Rachel Lang

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Trailer For Predator Prequel Movie 'Prey' Has Dropped And It Looks Wild

The Predator prequel is coming.


Prey, directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane), is set 300 years ago and follows the story of a Comanche girl named Naru.

The fierce warrior was raised by some of the most legendary hunters of her time. So, naturally, when her people are threatened by an unknown danger she decides to track down and kill the creature.


Of course, the thing she ultimately confronts is Predator, resulting in a spine-chilling showdown between the technologically advanced alien and a bada** warrior woman acutely in tune with her land and surroundings.

While the trailer has well and truly whetted our appetite for the next Predator tale, not everyone has been left impressed by the teaser.

In fact, many have kicked off on Twitter and called the film concept unrealistic.


That's right. A film about a technologically advanced alien. Unrealistic. Anyway.

One Twitter user said: "Yep, a bow's gonna do a lot against a predator… great writing."

A second added: "If a predator struggles against a bow and arrow from a kid, I can't take it seriously."


A third chimed in with: "I expect competent film makers to not make a predator movie based around a teenage girl with a bow and arrow, but it is Hulu so I didn’t expect much... It’s clear this franchise is dead."

Despite the naysayers out there, many were excited by the prospect of a Native American showdown.

One Twitter user said: "Seeing a Predator going toe-to-toe with a Comanche Warrior is essentially a true warrior's battle... almost every final battle in Predator films has a melee weapon as the character's lead weapon."


A second added: "Everyone here complaining about the writing doesn't have any clue what the Predator lore is. (Hint: they revisit earth multiple times to hunt different warriors from different eras/civilisations)."

A third pointed out the prowess of the Comanche warrior and why it will make for a cracking film: "It's well-known US Marines still use Comanche Warrior tactics because Comanches had a quality strategy process.

"Considering Predators are known to hunt the most skilled warriors in the universe, Comanche Warriors would be very high on that list to challenge."


So, there you go. Whether you're for or against a young, female, warrior taking on a technologically advanced alien, it's at least going to be one wild ride.

Prey will drop on Hulu on August 5.

Featured Image Credit: Hulu

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Rachel Lang
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