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Lewis Capaldi exposes himself as a 'liar' on stage

Lewis Capaldi exposes himself as a 'liar' on stage

The singer let his fans in on the 'facade' that is showbiz

You may have suspected it for a while, but Lewis Capaldi is a fraud. He even admitted it on stage:

The 'Someone You Loved' singer recently played a couple of gigs in London and took the opportunity to out himself.

While you might think the lyrical genius is a talented musician, it would seem that he is anything but.

Sitting behind a floating piano at a concert at the O2, the 25-year-old was about to give a rendition of 'Bruises' when he dropped the bombshell.

In a video posted to TikTok, he says: "I never thought I was afraid of heights, it's intense isn't it? The whole thing is a f****** facade, I'm not even playing the piano."

Capaldi then calls on someone called Aiden to 'play something', which he does.

The singer goes on: "Showbiz, this world, we're all f**king liars.

"I can't even f**king play piano."

Lewis Capaldi outed himself as a 'liar'.

Since the footage was shared, it has been viewed over 748,000 times, with hundreds piling into the comments to celebrate Capaldi's return and his infectious sense of humour.

One fan said: "Refreshing for someone to admit this, never change Lewis!"

Another commented: "He is hilarious live saw him back in 2020 before covid he talked about his ex on love Island and covid it was all hilarious."

"You’ve got to love Lewis man, always a laugh with him," put a third.

While another added: "The world needs more people like this."

Speaking previously, Capaldi said he was trying to learn to play the piano but was just 'too lazy' to really put his mind to it.

Fans are glad to see the singer back.
Gary Mather/Alamy

When asked if he would be up for having a lesson from Sir Elton John, he said: "Ah f**k, that'd be lovely wouldn't it. That'd be great.

"The thing is, I'm lazy as f**k. If I didn't start playing the guitar when I was nine I'd have gone, 'F**k that, too many strings'.

"But I'm going to give it a go and to try my best and think, 'Remember, Elton John said you should do this. Sir Elton'."

At the time, singer had just met Sir Elton, with the pair playing each other some of their favourite songs.

Recalling their time together, he said: "I f***ing loved it ... It ended up just me and him showing each other songs that we liked on his iPad, which is something I've done with my friends with a cable in my car.

"Now it's with f***ing Elton John! It's crazy. But he was lovely, and he said if anything you ever want to talk about, or need advice, just give me a call. The whole thing was just brilliant."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/TikTok

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